Several reasons why World of Warcraft is still popular 3
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Several reasons why World of Warcraft is still popular 3

Posted By Ambroise Pierre     December 2, 2019    


Several reasons why World of Warcraft is still popular 3




reason6 You will get rewards from time to time in the game

One of the reasons players have been obsessed with World of Warcraft for a long time is the system that Blizzard rewards old players. The most obvious is the achievement system, which allows players to slowly collect achievement points to improve their sense of achievement. This is also what other players can see in the game, and the most experienced players will show up on the game's website. Associated with achievement is the title of the game in the game, and perhaps the largest display capital in World of Warcraft.


Every player who gets the title of the game will get a lot of honors and become the envy of many players. So whether you are one of the best competitive players of the season or you have defeated a finally boss, you can add a title next to your name for everyone to see. The last is the mount. The rule is simple: the longer you play, the more mounts you will get. Of course, the rarity of mounts depends on personal strength. You can also buy rare mounts using WOW Classic Gold and help you personally enhance your strength. If you don't want to waste a lot of time in the game to get Buy WOW Classic Gold, then buying through MMOWTS is also a great option.



reason7 it offers endless personalization options

Another cool aspect of World of Warcraft is how unique your character is. This game is more than just choosing your name and class; it lets you choose your faction, race, transport, and even lets you wear the combination of gear you want (thanks to the deformation, you can change the look of your gear Without changing its properties). Therefore, some famous "World of Warcraft" players are not named after their real names, but by the names and appearances of their characters.



reason8 interesting reward system

There are indeed some addictive games in the world, but none is comparable to World of Warcraft. The exponential increase in subscriber numbers is the best proof. They do this through a well-implemented system that provides you with enough rewards (cool gear, levels, or mounts) to get you back to the game for more rewards. As long as microtransactions do not account for a large proportion of the game, as long as equipment and achievements depend on effort, we can accept it. If you want, you can start your micro-transactions at at any time. Here are the cheapest currencies and weapons waiting for you to buy!