What Are the Main Flavors in Bangladeshi Food?

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What Are the Main Flavors in Bangladeshi Food?

Posted By Emily Clarke     December 18, 2021    


If you've never tried Bangladeshi food before, you might wonder what to expect. Some familiarity with the flavor profiles of Bangladeshi recipes will help you choose a dish that you'll enjoy when patronizing a Bangladeshi restaurant or food truck. If you're friends or coworkers with a person of Bangladeshi descent, some knowledge about the ingredients and flavors in the food will help you get to know their culture, and you may be more open to trying food they share at potlucks and parties. Bangladeshi recipes focus on sweet flavors and often include moderately to highly spicy flavors. Visit this website if you need Bangladeshi recipes.

Savory Main Dishes

Main dishes of Bangladeshi food typically consist of fish, vegetables and lentils served over brown or white rice. The savory flavor profile is common throughout Bangladesh. One of the most common main dishes served across all regions of Bangladesh is bhapa. This is fish or vegetables steamed with spices. The southern region of Bangladesh uses hotter spices than the northern region. Another popular main dish in Bangladeshi food is kalia. This rich dish consists of meat cooked with a lot of vegetable oil or ghee (clarified butter) with a spicy sauce. The sauce is usually based on freshly ground ginger and fresh diced fried or steamed shallots.

Sweet Main Dishes

Korma is the sweet flavor profile local to South Bangladesh. Korma typically uses coconut milk as a sweetener in thick sauces. The other ingredients in these sauces include yogurt and poppy seed paste. The sauce is poured over grilled, boiled or sauteed meat.

Starters and Appetizers

Most Bangladeshi meals consist of two courses. The first is a starter or appetizer, and the second is the main dish. Some of the common Bangladeshi recipes for starters include pickling and mashing. Pickles are flavored with caraway seeds, anise or mustard oil. These are savory flavors without too much heat. Mashes consist of steamed root vegetables covered in chickpea flour and sauteed or fried in hot oil. The mashes aren't as spicy as the main dishes in Bangladeshi cuisine.

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