The Best Teeth Whitening Strips
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The Best Teeth Whitening Strips

Posted By Featured Featured     December 21, 2021    


loving our smile allows us to have stronger self-esteem and greater confidence in ourselves, all fundamental factors that we know are the basis of a more peaceful life.

A mere aesthetic factor then, but only in appearance.

Nowadays, being constantly bombarded with photographs of famous people with their blinding mouths, with 1000-like smiles on social networks, but also with positive messages about the acceptance of oneself and one's body, the smile remains one of those things that we can and must continue to take care of, primarily to please ourselves.

Crest whitening strips UK

Almost professional treatment and results… dazzling for these strips, among the favorites of actresses and models, also recommended by Elle, Allure magazine and Cosmopolitan and sponsored by the beautiful Shakira.

Crest whitening strips UK


Combine professional dentist-like results while saving money and without leaving home? With Crest White strips you can! With 16 years of history behind it and 22 million satisfied customers worldwide, these are among the most famous whitening strips, winning the Cosmopolitan Beauty Award in 2011, the Total Beauty Award 2016, the Best of Beauty Award by Allure (2015 , 2016, 2019) and the Ellen International Beauty Award 2016.

Effectively removes years of accumulated stains such as coffee, tea, nicotine, red wine. The no-slip system they are equipped with prevents the strips from moving or taking off during use, even if you talk or take liquids. The blue light technology reinforces the effect of the strips and recalls that used by dentists, for even whiter teeth and results similar to professional ones. Guaranteed results for up to 20 months.

The whitening strips: a useful ally

How then? We just have to spend mind-boggling amounts for expensive and professional whitening operations at our trusted dentist? Not at all! Fortunately, there are many different products that allow you to whiten your teeth in a less aggressive and less expensive way, while still allowing you to achieve impressive and satisfying results. Among the best DIY products we find teeth whitening strips.

Let's start by saying that the whitening strips are strips similar to patches with one side coated with gel, usually ceramide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide (on the portal of the National Federation of the Orders of Surgeons and Dentists it is possible to view the innovations introduced by EU directive regarding the use of this chemical).

After removing the protective film, the strips must be applied directly on the upper and lower arches, making sure that they are well adherent and the gel is in contact with the tooth. Leave on for the period indicated on the package and rinse well to remove any residue (if necessary, brush your teeth well). Carbamide peroxide acts directly on the enamel, making teeth white within two weeks. Even dentists now recognize the benefits of whitening strips, but always recommend the use of products that have been tested and in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions.