There is not much control over the quality of the outside air
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There is not much control over the quality of the outside air

Posted By belly thomas     December 23, 2021    


Poor air quality can rob you of life for years. I thought air pollution was mainly annoying. However, when I researched an article on wildfire smoke last year, I discovered that poor quality air, especially air with many small particles (called PM2.5), can be fatal ... During a recent series from wildfires in California, scientists estimated that the smoke from the wildfires killed more than 3,000 people, about 300 times more than died in the fire itself. Small particles in polluted air can even enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. Air pollution kills 4.2 million people worldwide each year.

There is not much control over the quality of the outside air. This is largely determined by weather, heavy industry, car traffic close to home, and the like. But you can control much of the air quality in your home. With the right technology, you can make it a sanctuary of clean air for you and your family.

UV air purifier
UV-C air purifier at topairpurifier next to ottoman with black and white dog in front.
Ultraviolet (UV) air purifiers use UV-C light (a type of ultraviolet) to kill many harmful and irritating microorganisms in the air, such as molds, bacteria, and viruses. UV-C technology is frequently used in various applications in medical facilities to kill bacteria. Some models of UV air purifiers are mounted in the air duct in the center of the house. UV-C light alone may not remove odors as well as other air purification technologies, so some use both UV technology and activated carbon or HEPA filtration to improve performance. To maintain the effectiveness of the device, the UV purifying bulb should be cleaned and replaced from time to time as recommended by the manufacturer.

Electrostatic air purifier
As the name implies, electrostatic air purifiers use static electricity to attach irritants and other odor-causing particles in the air to removable collection plates. This type of purifier has the advantage of not requiring a filter, but some models have an optional replaceable pre-filter. This model requires some maintenance. The surface of the collection plate should be cleaned regularly according to the manufacturer's instructions. Some electrostatic air purifiers are not as effective against microorganisms as other types of purifiers.

Air Purifier Fitting
One way to maximize the effectiveness of your apartment air purifier is to choose a portable air purifier that can be moved from room to room. This allows you to purify the air where you need it most. You can run the air purifier in the bedroom overnight and then move it to the living room, office, kitchen, or wherever you spend most of your time.

The EPA lists several other ways to maximize the performance of air purifiers with careful placement. Babies, the elderly, and asthma patients are more vulnerable than healthy adults. The bedroom is a good place to find and operate an air purifier like Medify MA-50. Additionally, the portable air purifier should be positioned so that clean air reaches the resident's breathing zone as directly as possible so that it does not interfere with furniture or add fine particles from common sources such as printers. Otherwise, a "short circuit" may occur and the outflow may not reach the desired area. "