Lol: The new failure of the dragons that can be left locked all the game

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Lol: The new failure of the dragons that can be left locked all the game

Posted By Justice Little     December 23, 2021    


The arrival of news to League of Legends always brings with her surreal failures that sometimes take too much to discover. In the case of the preseason 2022, the great protagonist in this regard has been the new Petrochemical Dragon, which starred on a few failures that even affected competitive parties. However, as the other great incorporation felt some envy, now it has been the Hex tech monster who has caused one of the rarest bugs of the game.

League of Legends punish you against the wall

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The failure of the dragon Hex tech is related to the portals created when its element rises as the dominant in the sum maker crack. Discovered by Dopa, the error can cause a champion to be locked up in the small space between the walls of the map and these portals. In this way, he remains completely motionless so that he can only escape at a cost-off cost: using mobility skills or invoked spells... if we have them.

As we see in the video, DOPA has to escape the bug using a teleport that leaves you well located in the central lane. However, the lost time makes him be late and at an optimal position in which he can not help his companions. A play with domino effect on which you can change the result of a game of League of Legends, and that even above it is completed with a failure of the player himself when he is already visibly offsetting.

Diamond 4 player tells me to try Machine Gun Lulu.. so I get 3.0 attack speed and spray pixie dust

Fortunately, it seems an unusual failure. However, the new elements of the summoner crack aim to cause problems in some competitive parties and could give some other disgust to Riot Games when starting next season 12. Developers have a single patch to do All the necessary adjustments and prepare League of Legends for the beginning of the year.

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