The Basics of Dental Implant Care

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The Basics of Dental Implant Care

Posted By nextsmiles nextsmiles     December 24, 2021    


Dental implants are tiny posts inserted in the jaw surgically by a dental surgeon. The implants support the dental crown that is visible.  Before the crown or dentures are attached to the implants, you must wait three to six months for the jaw to heal. During the healing period, the implant, made of titanium, integrates with the jawbone. The material, titanium, is very biocompatible with the body.


Dental implants offer stable support for replacement teeth. They are fitted securely and provide a more natural appearance. One doesn't have to worry about teeth falling off when speaking or eating. The treatment method is very successful, 95%. When properly maintained, they last a lifetime.


The ideal candidate for dental implant treatment has healthy gum and jawbone. However, if one has gum disease, it is first treated, and then the dentist recommends how the dental implant treatment will proceed or other replacement options.


Primary Dental care

  • Ensures you consult a professional when it comes to any kind of dental treatment.
  • Follow the dentist’s instructions about diet and pain management after the procedure.
  • Regular checkups to ensure that the implants and the jaw have appropriately integrated.
  • Dental implants require proper care and maintenance to last a lifetime. Therefore floss them and brush them as you do regular teeth. Clean them twice a day using an electric toothbrush as it is effective. Floss them once before going to bed using implant-specific flossing products.
  • If the surface of your dental implant gets scratched, see your dentist. Scratched surfaces attract and harbour bacteria that lead to infection.
  • Consult a dental hygienist on the best way to care for your dental implants to avoid dental implants infection.
  • Dental implants can collect plaque and tartar the same way your teeth do; hence make sure you remove plaque daily.


If you need All-on-4® dental plants or would like to learn more about them, talk to the team at Next Smile™ Sydney. We will assist you and be there for you every step of the way. Visit our website or contact us to book an appointment.