Vinyl Cutter
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Vinyl Cutter

Posted By Nur islam     December 24, 2021    


What is Vinyl Cutting?

Vinyl cutting is the act of creating a design in a software program then sending that design through to a vinyl cutter, which will cut out your design using a blade on sheets of vinyl.

Once the vinyl cutter has done its work, you then need to weed the cut vinyl sheets — removing all the waste vinyl from the paper-backed sheet — and transfer the final design onto wherever you want it to go — on a car, for instance, your walls, cards, scrapbooks, you name it!

Don’t worry — weeding and transferring are actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

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Vinyl Cutters

A vinyl cutter is nothing more than a computer-controlled machine.

They often look and behave a lot like printers, but instead of having a pen reproducing your work onto printer paper, vinyl cutters use a blade to cut your design into certain materials.

The software you use to design will export your creation from your computer to the vinyl cutter, controlling the movements of the blade-like it would do with a printer.

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Let’s see some configuration!

Vinyl Cutting Plotter, Vinyl Cutter for Sale, with Software Options and Stands

Best Selling Vinyl Cutters in SA Since 2014

Now With New Upgrades in 2016 Model

  1. 32-bit ARM CPU with 512K Internal Cache
  2. 16M Memory for Cutting Job Buffering
  3. Stepper Motor Driving System with 0.0254mm Per Step
  4. Use Household 220V Electricity, Compatible with Generator through Our Precision AVR
  5. Utilize Roland® Compatible Blades, 3 Free Blades Included
  6. Minimal Can Cut 5mm Height English Letter
  7. Smooth Adjustable from 20mm to 800mm Per Second Cutting/Plotting Speed
  8. Smooth Adjustable from 20g to 1000gram Cutting Pressure
  9. Cutting Thickness on Normal Vinyl is 0.1mm Up to 1mm
  10. Mechanical Resolution 0.0254mm and Repeatable Precision 0.0127mm
  11. Real High-Speed USB 2.0 by STMicroelectronics and Plug and Play on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
  12. RS232 COM Port Provided for Backward Compatibility with Old Windows, Macintosh and Linux
  13. Able to Install as Windows Printer on Windows 7, Win8 and Win10
  14. Support Standard HPGL and DMPL Language, can Work as AutoCAD Plotter
  15. High Friction Steel Grit Roller for Vinyl Feeding to Achieve High Moving Accuracy on Heavy Vinyl
  16. Able to Direct Cut .PLT File from SD Card, No Computer Connection Required
  17. Support Manual Contour Cutting, Better Accuracy and Convenient can be Archived by Laser Eye Pointer Holder

AM.CO.ZA V-Series™ High-Pressure High-Speed USB Vinyl Cutters

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Watch our product video YouTube Video.

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