What To Consider Before You Come Out

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What To Consider Before You Come Out

Posted By Emily Clarke     December 28, 2021    


Coming out is a major life decision. It can give a profound sense of freedom and confidence and help you discover a sense of support and belongingness you had never before known. To know more about how to come out to family, visit this website.

Once you decide how to come out to family and take that pivotal step, however, you can never undo it, even if you never extend it beyond the circle you've told. You can't erase the knowledge you placed into those people's minds about your sexual and/or gender identity. Therefore, before making this courageous, life-changing decision, here are some of the most important things to consider.

Am I Certain About My Sexuality (Or Gender Identity?)

Make sure you're as certain as you can be about the revelation you're going to make before you make it.

How To Come Out To Family So I Have Patience With Them As They Process My Revelation?

Make sure you have the wherewithal to give those you come out to the time and understanding they need to process the information you’ve given them.

Do I Depend On Any of These People Financially?

If any of the people you plan to come out to support you financially, make sure either they won’t stop doing so once you’ve revealed your truth to them or that you’ve prepared an alternative way to get your immediate physical needs met if they do.

Do I Already Have Any Other Emotional Support Systems in Place?

In case you don’t receive the kind of response you’re hoping for from the people you come out to, do you have any other people in your lives you can turn to for emotional support?

Is Coming Out to These People of My Own Free Will or is Something or Someone Pressuring Me?

Make sure you only come out to the people you choose in your own way and in your own time.

Am I Able to Challenge a Person's Ingrained Stereotypes, Either by My Own Experience or Research?

See how you can best address concerns the people you come out to may have about your revealed identity.

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