What Are The Major Symptoms Of Gum Disease
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What Are The Major Symptoms Of Gum Disease

Posted By Darren Fuller     December 29, 2021    


Many of you must have heard that infection of the mouth can prove to be very fatal and pain-inducing, especially, when not treated at the earliest. This is the same case with gum disease, which can lead to damaged or even loss of teeth if left untreated. There are people who avoid such issues which makes their infection enlarged and full of bacteria which causes them to search for Gingivectomy Near Me or  Gum Surgery Near Me,  this is why experts suggest visiting Dental Clinics In Houston for checkups when you feel symptoms of gum disease.




What are the causes of gum disease?

Gum disease is caused by common mouth bacteria, which gets deposited in the region between your gum and supporting teeth. Also referred to as plaque, these yellow color sediments erode the teeth and loosen gums, ultimately, resulting in teeth fall. Gum disease is caused by various factors including improper hygiene, malnutrition, stress, diabetes, and other genetic diseases.   Because disease-causing bacteria spread like slow poison in your mouth and damages caused are sometimes not visible, most patients fail to treat it at an early age. If you are suffering from gum disease you should Gum Disease Dentist Houston for getting Laser Dentistry For Gum Disease or getting other treatments for gum disease. 

Symptoms of gum disease:


  1. Bleeding Gums: 

If you are facing that your gums start to bleed when you brush, floss, or when you take a bite into solid food. It is the first sign of gum disease which requires an urgent professional inspection.


  1. Change in Color: 

If you are witnessing that your gum may seem red instead of the usual pink color or if you are feeling any swelling in your gums, it is time that you need to visit a doctor.


  1. Weird feeling in your gums: 

If you are suffering from a painful itchy feeling on your gums with an unrelenting urge to dig at your gums with a toothpick or something. Now It is a clear sign of the onset of gum disease.


  1. Bad breath: 

If you are facing bad breath and a nasty taste in your mouth. Yes, it is another sign of gum disease and has to be treated as soon as possible.




  1. Not able to chew properly: 

If you can feel a sense of discomfort or pain while biting or chewing solid food. Need to be treated urgently as these are ominous signs of developing gum disease.


  1. Loss of teeth:  

The gums holding your teeth recede, exposing your teeth, and loosening their grip. Sometimes you might also notice the widening gap between your teeth. This is the most critical stage of gum disease and requires you to act immediately, if not you might end up losing your teeth forever. There are many LANAP Periodontist available if you search on the web for them to ask them for evaluation of your disease and get a consultation with a fully detailed LANAP Dental Procedure. 


We hope you liked this article and now you know why you should not avoid symptoms of gum disease. Make sure to visit Dental Clinics In Houston for consultation and get yourself treated.


Article Source : https://laserdentistry.mystrikingly.com/blog/what-are-the-major-symptoms-of-gum-disease