Are Scratches on Windscreens Normal?
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    • Last updated December 29, 2021
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Are Scratches on Windscreens Normal?

Posted By novusautoglassc novusautoglassc     December 29, 2021    


Most windscreens are made of laminated safety glass. The safety glass has two sheets of glass with a plastic sandwiched in the middle. Hence they can withstand harsh conditions and impacts such as car crashes. This is why, when hit, the windscreen will only have a crack, chip or scratch, unlike other types of glasses.


Are scratches on windscreens normal? No, there are not typical. Instead, they are an indication your windscreen was damaged by something.


What Are Scratches?

Scratches are usually shallow and affect just the outer layer of your windscreen. They are often caused by windscreen wiper blades that have not been replaced in a while. If you fail to replace your windshield wiper blade, the rubber on them wears off, leaving the metal in the wiper exposed. The metal will cause a scratch that will deepen with time.


Starches don't affect the structural integrity of the windscreen. However, they can be unsightly and reflect sunlight and headlights from the oncoming traffic, which will impair your vision. Hence, they are a safety concern.


What Cause Scratches on Your Windscreen?


Defective wiper blades

As stated before, this is the primary cause of scratch on your windscreen. If the blades are not replaced, they will cause scratches on the screen that only deepens with time. Also, you can have your wiper blades replaced, but they still cause scratches. This happens when pebbles and small objects are trapped in the blades.


Damage ice scrapers

If you live in cold, snowy areas or during winter, you have to remove ice from your windscreen from time to time. If the ice scrapers are old and damaged, they will cause scratches.


Improper cleaning

If you wash your windscreen with a rough cloth, scratches can appear on it now and then. Instead, use a soft fabric to clean your car.


Road debris

Scratches can be caused by rocks and pebbles flying into your windscreen off the road, especially if you drive behind a four-wheeler.


Whenever a scratch happens, consult your windscreen auto shop for assistance and advice on what to do. Don't leave the scratch on there for long. They are a safety hazard. Novus will assist you if you are looking for a windscreen repair shop. We are also mobile, so we can reach you wherever you are. Visit our website or contact us for more information.


If you require any windscreen repairs or replacements, look no further than Novus Auto Glass. We are also mobile, so we can reach you wherever you are. Visit our website or contact us for more information on our services.