Bonuses are equal to the Dofus Kamas

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Bonuses are equal to the Dofus Kamas

Posted By yuhan chen     December 14, 2019    


As for taking the buffs and penalties to decorations, that would imply nobody would use it, because the bonuses are equal to the Dofus Kamas penalties. The majority of the better guards have a playstyle that is clear intended. Captain amakna is for classes that can rush in and destroy enemies, clover protect is for ranged damage dealers, carapar is great for healers with healing weapons, cubist is great for enus (also it is spell damage penalty is negated by the ranged damage buff, for the intended keepaway style to be useful, but not too ), and so on. Personally I will be using the tavern shield (-harm resistance is not something I need, and I go melee too often to utilize clover protect ) and carapar.

Shields are meant to be specialization tools. There are shields that work for omni classes, like the tavern shield, but they are overall less strong. . .which is fine. Omni builds trade power for versatility. You stop from swapping defenses based on the fight, however, and you can make whole use of them anyway. It would take forever to kill anyone, if shields increased resistances and such. Can you envision? Res ouginak with 35% closing damage reduction protect along with the lifesteal you get from victim, WITH shield resistances?

Builds do not trade"power" for versatility, you trade kamas for both Power and Versatility lol.And would you believe this would only make it easier to kill them? Or can it make it easier for them to kill you? Ouginaks are fairly new so they would be reworked sometime shortly, I have only fought against some Ouginaks in group pvp and I won most of them (maybe it was when they were fairly new and do not have the grip of playing with the course yet) but that is the class' difficulty.

Some of the shields damage/malus are dofus kamas ilyzaelle conflicting like they were made with couple of classes in mind, it's. Again weapons have been already nerfed to 1 fold a turn, therefore I don't think people would want to use shields that increase your weapon harm in exchange of shedding damage on about 15+ of your spells, UNLESS they're gonna release another end game content where the boss puts a debuff in your team that should you dealt damage through spells your entire team expires, just buffs/heals are allowed... which I have a feeling they'd do...