Tooth Extraction: Do You Need It?
    • Last updated January 4, 2022
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Tooth Extraction: Do You Need It?

Posted By Clark Ervin     January 4, 2022    


Tooth extraction is the complete process of eliminating a tooth from its bone socket. 


When you have a broken or damaged tooth, a dentist will use certain methods including crowning, filling, or similar tooth restoration treatments. Sometimes these treatments won’t help you if the intensity of the damage is too severe. When such a condition occurs, tooth extraction is the only recommended option. Such conditions require Damaged Teeth Treatment from West Houston Dentist. Moreover, if you have an injury in your tooth due to a sudden accident, get Broken Tooth Extraction.  




Reasons for tooth extraction;


  • It may be possible that some people are having extra teeth that may block other teeth from growing properly.


  • People who wear braces require enough space for those teeth that require to be shifted into the correct position.


  • People who get radiation on their neck and head may need the requirement for teeth extraction.


  • If the people are taking the medication of cancer drugs might also develop teeth infection. These drugs are very strong and can weaken the overall immune system. It may increase the possibility of the risk of infection.


  • People who have gone through an organ transplant may require tooth extraction as they have to intake drugs to suppress their immune system. 


  • When you have impacted wisdom teeth or fractured molars, you may need extraction very often. Get Fractured Cusp Molar Treatment to deal with such problems. 



Your dentist will inquire about medical health and acquire knowledge about your dental history as well. The Dentist 77079 will take an X-ray of the affected area to plan one of the best ways of tooth extraction. Some healthcare professionals might prescribe antibiotics that can be consumed before and after dental surgery. The process may vary according to the oral surgeon or the dentist you are consulting.  Get Emergency Dental Services Near Me, if you need Broken Tooth Filling or having any other serious dental issues. 




How is it done?


Extractions are of two types:


A simple extraction, such a type of extraction, is performed on the visible teeth in the mouth and not hidden below the gums. When your dentist numbs the surrounding area, he/she will use a dental tool known as an elevator to help extricate the tooth from its socket. Get the treatment at West Houston Dental to get the most appropriate treatment.


A surgical extraction is required when teeth are not clearly visible. Maybe you have half-broken teeth in your mouth requiring tooth extraction. In order to remove such a tooth, the dentist or the oral surgeon will remove and pull the gum back. This makes tooth extraction easier. Get the extraction from West Houston Dental Clinic for an effective treatment method. 


The surgical extraction is generally done by oral surgeons. These methods are practiced under local anesthesia. In such a case, the dentist must make an incision in the gum to find out the exact location of the tooth. In crucial cases, the tooth will be chopped into pieces and then eliminated. 


Consult your dentist to get the most suitable treatment option.


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