WoW Classic may not provide happiness for players in the long run
    • Last updated December 17, 2019
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WoW Classic may not provide happiness for players in the long run

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     December 17, 2019    


The determinant of WoW Classic's life is not its game content. The key is whether players are willing to spend most of their time in it. For some players, they often think that it is not worth spending too much time to collect resistance equipment. Not only that, they also need to spend up to several hours to defeat all bosses in the Molten Core raid, although only weekly It needs to be done once. This is why modern WoW is committed to simplifying the game flow for players and making them feel more relaxed, because most players are adults and have work and their children after 15 years, they have less time to play.
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Modern World of Warcraft design evolved that way for a reason, and it was largely in response to how so many players need to play to stay involved with the community at all. In non-essential situations, most players in modern WoW usually Ignore others, even if they are looking for help or want to interact with other players, because they need to complete all tasks of the day in as short a time as possible. This design has two benefits. First, Blizzard has gained more loyal players, but at the same time the development team only needs to provide a minimum of gameplay. On the other hand, players also have great benefits. Those difficult tasks and dungeons are no longer a problem. Any beginners can easily reach the goal by just playing casually, those players have more time to spend with real friends and family.

In fact, this is the inevitable result of the continuous development of modern WoW. Even if some players don't like this development, they have to admit that it is their feedback and behavior that caused the change. Blizzard did not unilaterally change the gameplay through a major decision. Player change is one of the important factors for this change.

In WoW Classic, players need to be friendly and more enthusiastic about interaction, because the environment requires them to do so. For a while after the game was released, each player was very polite. They spontaneously lined up to take turns to get the chance to kill the monsters needed for the mission, because they knew it was important. If you plan to play WoW Classic Gold for a long time, you need to have a good reputation because you need to work with others to succeed. The spirit of the contract guides the player in every correct action. For me, MMOWTS add best site for players for getting World of Warcraft Classic Gold.

While we’re enjoying Classic for now because of its difficulty and required interaction, those same factors may feel old and stale as the higher levels grow long and our time available to play continues to stay short, compared to when we were kids.