Casting roller has many control links and large equipment

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Casting roller has many control links and large equipment

Posted By wearresistant William     December 17, 2019    


Compared with cast grinding roller/grinding disc, surfacing composite grinding roller/grinding disc has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

1. Surface hardness: HRC48-52 for casting parts and HRC58-67 for surfacing composite parts.

2. Process: Casting roller has many control links and large equipment; The surfacing grinding roller has simple process and easy quality control.

3. Internal quality: The wear-resistant phase of the high chromium alloy cast iron workpiece is uniformly distributed in the matrix, while the metal microstructure of the overlaying layer is quite fine, and the wear-resistant phase is uniformly arranged in hexagonal or body-centered cubic structure, which can form quite stable and hard carbides and is more favorable for improving wear resistance.

4. Economy: Investigation shows that the maintenance cost of large-scale grinding machines with surfacing welding can be reduced by about 50%. The cost difference of small size mills is not too great, but the service cost is still relatively low due to the prolonged service life of surfacing wear-resistant parts.

5. Long service life: due to the difference in the amount and distribution of carbides in the matrix, the service life of the surfacing workpiece is much longer than that of the casting, about 1.3-1.8 times that of the casting.

6. The service life of ceramic cladding wear-resistant parts is 2-4 times that of high chromium cast iron wear-resistant parts.

For more details, please contact us: Grinding Roller Tyre.