World of Warcraft's new rewards make players angry
    • Last updated December 18, 2019
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World of Warcraft's new rewards make players angry

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     December 18, 2019    


In World of Warcraft, collecting new items can give players a great sense of accomplishment, especially those rare items that make people feel satisfied, because only lucky enough players can get them. But for players, the most important thing to get new equipment is not to improve their strength. What they value is the appearance of the equipment. In order to make their Cheap WOW Classic Gold characters look more like a hero of Azeroth, they often spend days or even weeks killing bosses in the dungeon until they get the armor components they need. Under normal circumstances, every new item or new equipment added in the game is very welcome, because they give you more options available in the transmogrification system.

However, Blizzard's recent lack of backpack rewards through the Recruit A Friend system has frustrated most players. After a complete overhaul of the Recruit A Friend system, players can now earn a variety of rewards by referring friends to join and subscribe to World of Warcraft. In addition to backpacks, there are flying mounts and adventure-style camel mounts, and other decorations that can pack your character into a desert explorer. The prizes are not new, as players can get similar rare rewards through the recruitment system before.

It is not the content of the reward that is controversial, but the way in which the reward is obtained.

Loyal players in World of Warcraft have been hoping to achieve custom character appearances these years, so they want to freely shape their avatars in the game like FFXIV and make them more personal. Blizzard implemented this function from another angle through the transmogrification system. Players can decorate the character by collecting more novel and interesting equipment, so that they look more personal. Therefore, the backpack in the reward list is very important for players. However, now you can only get it by letting friends spend money in the game. For me, MMOWTS add best site for players getting World of Warcraft Classic Gold.

Of course, there are some old players who understand that they can accomplish this goal by themselves. They can create a new account, pay a subscription fee for it, and claim their dream reward on the master account. But it's costly-you need to spend close to $ 200 for this backpack.