Pencil Coils Are An Important Component

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Pencil Coils Are An Important Component

Posted By jiacheng li     Jan 10    


pencil coils are an integral part of modern engine management systems and their complexity increases as engines are developed for better economy and greater power management. The ignition coil replaces the traditional distributor and works in tandem with other electronic engine management components to power the combustion chamber through the spark plug. The most common question about ignition coil failure is how do I know when an ignition coil has gone bad? It is often difficult to know where to start with so many individual parts in a system. The most obvious answer to this question is that the check engine light will come on and the code reader will display the error code assigned to the ignition coil. Not all ignition coils are created equal, WAI uses proprietary TRANSPO design and technology to manufacture the highest quality aftermarket and OE ignition coils. We specialize in providing the strongest and most powerful spark ignition coils that match the requirements of the engine ECU. To support individual vehicle engine requirements, we use intelligent spark control technology to properly match the vehicle's spark curve. The power of 30-70 millijoules in the spark requires precise timing and focused energy delivery. TRANSPSO Smart Spark controls spark intensity to optimize engine combustion and promote fast, clean combustion. The control center of the ignition coil is located in the skeleton. The spool contains the electronic microprocessor as well as the solenoid core and primary and secondary coils. The microprocessor controls the pre-charging sequence when the coil is loaded with voltage before being delivered to the spark plug. This is called a smart coil driver, which contains a diode input. Since driving conditions can vary depending on many factors such as temperature, driving load (uphill-downhill, fast acceleration, slow speed, etc.), the ECU is constantly making calculations to control the output. The smart ignition coils from ignition coil core suppliers can also control the length and intensity of the spark according to the requirements of the ECU, which helps in engine management. Added additional layers of information processing, including noise filtering common in all engines. Noise is essentially high-frequency vibration that interferes with components such as sensors, as well as electrical impulses. An onboard interference filter discards erroneous information that can affect engine performance.