Stainless Steel Hose Fittings Suppliers Introduces The Use Of Elbows

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Stainless Steel Hose Fittings Suppliers Introduces The Use Of Elbows

Posted By cnshunda yuyao     Jan 11    


In the pipeline system, the elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipeline. According to the angle, there are three types: 45° and 90°180°. Commonly used, and other abnormal angle elbows such as 60° are also included according to engineering needs. The elbow materials are cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, carbon steel, non-ferrous metals, and plastics. Below, Stainless Steel Hose Fittings Suppliers introduces the application range of elbows:

1.Since most of the pipe fittings are used for welding, in order to improve the welding quality, the ends are beveled with a certain angle and a certain side. This requirement is also strict, how thick the side, how much angle and deviation The scope is stipulated. The surface quality and mechanical properties are basically the same as the pipe. For the convenience of welding, the steel grade of the pipe fitting and the pipe being connected are the same.

2. That is, all pipe fittings must be surface treated, and the iron oxide scale on the inner and outer surfaces is sprayed off by shot blasting, and then coated with anticorrosive paint. This is for export needs. Moreover, it is also for the convenience of transportation in the country to prevent corrosion and oxidation. This work must be done.

3. It is the requirement for packaging. For small pipe fittings, such as export, it is necessary to make a wooden box, about 1 cubic meter, and the number of elbows in this box cannot exceed one ton. The standard allows for sets, that is, large sets and small sets. However, the total weight should generally not exceed 1 ton. For large items, single packaging is required, such as 24″ must be individually packaged. The other is the packaging mark, the mark must indicate the size, steel number, batch number, manufacturer's trademark, etc.