The Joy of Club Life Igloo Style At Igloo Beach Lodge
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The Joy of Club Life Igloo Style At Igloo Beach Lodge

Posted By Igloo Beach Lodge     Jan 11    


If you are planning a vacation in Costa Rica, you should consider booking a reservation at a beach resort. Hotels and beach resorts are different in many ways. If you decide to choose a beach resort over a hotel, you are not just getting the facilities of room and ordering food, but these things are combined with various other facilities like sports activities, entertainment, vegan restaurant, spa, swimming pool, and other exotic services.

Several beach resorts may be found on the outskirts of Costa Rica if you are a traveler. Depending on the type of resort you like, you may reserve a room that has the amenities you desire and offers the greatest winter holiday activities and sightseeing. If you want to come with your family or friends, keep in mind the safety precautions taken by the resort owners. Before you get into the fun part, it's critical to look through all areas of your visit. At Costa Rica's beaches, you'll note that there are a variety of fresh and unique resort styles to pick from. However, there is one resort on the west coast that is more than special.

The Igloo Beach Lodge is a resort based on a new style of club living which is the Igloo style. Staying at Igoo Beach Lodge is going to be a special experience because they offer a special kind of staying facility which they call ‘igloo double’ and ‘igloo quadruple’ houses. You can choose to book any of them.While the former is suitable for two people and the latter is best for four. Along with that, Igloo Beach Lodge also offers best restaurant Manuel Antonio at their resort.

The restaurant is one of the most special places to go at Igloo Beach Lodge. They offer a lot of exclusively vegan dishes for vegan lovers and Costa Rica special fish dishes which will make you wonder about the highly diverse culture of Costa Rica. Their restaurant is also the best sunset restaurant Manuel Antonio that you will find on the west coast of Costa Rica. When combined with various beach activities like Spa facilities, sports activities like surf camp and boot camp, Igloo Beach Lodge can be the perfect destination for weddings, honeymoons, events, birthdays, picnic outings, and more.

Check out their website to learn about more interesting facilities being offered at Igloo Beach Lodge.

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