What Can Be Power Of Attorney Forms Used For?

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What Can Be Power Of Attorney Forms Used For?

Posted By Carl Glendon     January 13, 2022    


Anyone who has even a slight awareness about legal terms and the laws of the land is aware of the term "power of attorney". This is a legal document which is used to authorize an individual with the power to act on the behalf of some other individual and fulfill his or her wishes according to some specific instructions given in the document.

The different types of power of attorney forms, such as Springing power of attorney, Durable power of attorney add more. When exactly can a North Carolina power of attorney form be used? Read on and find out.

For dealing with financial matters

From time to time there can be changes in health condition and there can be such times when a person is not physically or even mentally capable of dealing with his or her own financial matters. In such cases, that individual needs and honest and capable person to handle his / her financial affairs in a proper way. A financial power of attorney can be useful during such cases.

With the help of a financial power of attorney, a person can appoint another individual to manage bank accounts, properties, trusts etc on his / her behalf.

For dealing with health matters

Health problems can be very tricky to deal with at times. If the principal, or the person who decides the power of attorney document, is himself unable to take proper healthcare or medical care decisions for himself / herself, some other person can be appointed to take those decisions for him / her.

During those times, a Healthcare power of attorney form can be extremely useful. This type of free power of attorney form can go a long way to ensure proper medical / healthcare decisions.

For handling legal matters

In some cases, a capable individual might be needed, to deal with legal matters such as property issues, lawsuits, estate management issues etc and a legal power of attorney form can be the right solution for all these cases.

It is important to appoint such a person - also referred to as attorney-in-fact - when the principal himself has his / her full physical and mental faculties intact.