Accommodation Tips for Medical Staff and Students

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Accommodation Tips for Medical Staff and Students

Posted By Vivo Living     Jan 15    


If you are a medical student who is looking for a place to stay near the Hospital for your internship, or you are a nurse or hospital staff who would want to move into a place closer to the hospital,  a nearby accommodation would surely be a perfect fit. 


Moving into a new place would be incredibly exciting, and it will definitely be once you are able to choose the right accommodation for your few years of stay. Below are tips that we suggest when selecting the accommodation that would be best for you. 


  1. Do intensive research. 

The very first thing a medical student or a hospital staff must do before moving into a new place is to plan it well by doing intensive research. Research on your preferred place before booking, Don’t rush into a booking before you do your research into the accommodation options: whether that’s in the local area, or the halls the medical school offers. Narrow down your options according to your annual budget or student finance loans, so you won’t overspend.never do the reverse. When you are looking for an accommodation near Sutherland hospital, we highly recommend Vivo Living’s furnished apartments near Sutherland Hospital. Since you may be a medical student who has to perform close observation with the hospital to internalise your medical school life, it is a must for you to find an accommodation near Sutherland hospital. On the other hand, if you are a hospital staff, you can never be late for work, thus, you must secure staff accommodation near Sutherland Hospital. Sutherland shire rentals are rampant when looking for Sutherland Hospital Accommodation. However, with Vivo Living’s furnished apartments near Sutherland Hospital, the move is worth the search. It would literally cost more than moving into an ordinary apartment but what’s most important is your well-being. 



  1. Consider the distance

As a medical student who is so busy with a lot of schoolworks and practicums, you would not want to stay in a distant apartment. This is the reason why you should avail of Vivo Living’s Sutherland Hospital Accommodation. There ain’t a lot of hospital Accommodation In Caringbah with close access to the city proper. If you need to shop, go to the gym, socialise or attend zumba parties, Vivo Living’s hospital accommodation Caringbah should work for you.


  1. Consider ease and comfort

An uneasy and uncomfortable move is not something anybody would like to have. The main reason why hospital staff avail of Vivo Living’s staff accommodation near Sutherland Hospital is the ease of movement. The level of comfort provided to those who avail of our Sutherland Shire Rentals are also unparalleled given the fact that our apartments are fully furnished. Upon your movement, you will only have to bring your clothes and some personal kits. There is no need for you to bring appliances to aid your daily living as every basic equipment can be found in the apartment. 


  1. Consider Safety

Our accommodation in Cronulla as well as our hospital accommodation in Caringbah are firm and rigid. If you’re looking out for a furnished apartment short term Caringbah, your best option is at Vivo Living. We offer fully furnished apartment short term Caringbah with fast internet connection, and clean and secure spaces. 


Fast internet connection invites a safe and secure space such that it is your gateway to all the latest happenings around you. If emergencies exist, you will have the ability to receive the latest updates. With just a click, you can update your loved ones about the things you’re currently doing and vice-versa. If you have a patient at a hospital. Your safest route is availing of Vivo Living’s hospital accommodation in Caringbah. Here you are able to have easy access to take care of your patient while giving yourself comfort. 


For your overall needs as a medical student, a professional or a traveller, If you are traveling for professional and personal reasons and require accommodation near Sutherland Hospital or accommodation in Cronulla, we can help you save money and feel more at home while doing it!