A4 Sublimation Paper Process Introduction

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A4 Sublimation Paper Process Introduction

Posted By run Hydrotech     Jan 17    


       1: Transfer printing is a printing method that transfers the graphics and text of the intermediate carrier film to the phosphide with appropriate pressure. According to the use pressure, it can be divided into water, thermal transfer, gas, silk screen, low temperature transfer, etc. Among them, thermal transfer prints all images of people, landscapes, etc., using thermal transfer ink (such as thermal sublimation ink) on color inkjet printing paper (or special inkjet printing paper for thermal sublimation), or prints ordinary ink on film thermal On the transfer paper, and then heated to a certain temperature within a few minutes by the thermal transfer heating device, so that the pattern color on the a4 sublimation paper becomes a special printing process on porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton fabrics and other materials.

       2: Therefore, using heat transfer technology, the pattern of various colors is also just a process. That is to say, using thermal transfer film printing, you can draw patterns in multiple colors at one time, no need to color, just use a few simple devices, you can print out real patterns, which greatly improves coverage and completes transcription Work.

       3: The use of thermal transfer technology can be widely used in ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, cotton and other materials, but thermal transfer is limited by the heating area and the shape of the object, so it is often necessary to use specific production for objects of various areas and shapes. tool. Among them, the current common thermal transfer printing tools for transfer paper wholesale are mainly flat-panel machines (ironing machines) and baking machines.