Amazon Bans Creation Of New Characters In New World
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    • Last updated January 18, 2022
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Amazon Bans Creation Of New Characters In New World

Posted By Claus Oliver     January 18, 2022    


For unknown reasons Amazon banned character creation in all regions of the New World, and they promised they would release more information when the reason became available. The fact that this phenomenon exists in all regions of the globe does speak to some more important issues.

The New World group has currently shifted the benefits body for brand new profiles, making the rewards comparable but granting higher gold and also items eventually in the primary questline. They then disabled server transfers for new characters, ceasing the free transfer tokens they had been giving out to help the initially impacted by both server need stress and also later on deep-seated server imbalances.

A lot of players perform possess concerns about the number of robots they are finding in the game and reporting, and it's been this way for a long time. While the staff has functioned to repair different bugs and also near holes that were exploitable leading to gold butt making use of impacting other aspects of the activity, the butt complication and also RMT spam continues to be to some extent.

Recently, the team impaired server transfers momentarily without delivering the reason why in the first announcement. They were permitted once more times later on. At that point, they handicapped player-to-player exchanging for a potential gold dupe bug that became a various issue entirely.

As there is no phrase about what induced the crew to decide to disable character production or even any sort of indication of the length of time it will certainly last, all any person can do is the venture and also wait for an official announcement by the New World group.
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