What Is a Private Mortgage Lender?
    • Last updated January 18, 2022
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What Is a Private Mortgage Lender?

Posted By Archer Wealth     January 18, 2022    


Homeownership often starts from an achievement point of view. Luckily, we have private home lenders Melbourne that helps individuals to have sufficient funds to buy a home.   However, over time of owning a home and living one’s life, raising a family, facing a layoff or job change or lack of a job, health issues, unexpected expenses, and the like, many of us end up needing a financial boost. Such a boost can come quickly from a private mortgage Melbourne lender.

How do Mortgage Finance Solutions work?


A private mortgage lender needs to confirm you have equity in your home or real property that they can capitalize upon should you fail to make payment on the short-term, high-interest loan. The private lender can be a person or a firm. The paperwork and time to process the loan are very short because, unlike conventional bank or institution loans, private lending Australia companies are only concerned with the property’s value and not with you or your credit rating.

What Loans Do Private Mortgage Brokers Melbourne Provide?

Private lenders have expertise in quick financing that is applicable for short terms only;

Bridging loans or finances: Type of short-term loans when you are looking for buying a new property and selling the existing one.


Second mortgages: When you borrow money on a property that already has a mortgage on it, the first lender can take precedence over the borrower defaults.

Bad credit loans: When an individual needs instant money, it is risky through banks. You can borrow funds from a private lender company.

What Are The Advantages Of a Private Lender?

A More manageable Application Process:

A private lender won’t need all the paperwork like a traditional bank. They are capable of taking risks as it includes in their job profile. With a private lender, you can have instant access to mortgage loans. Traditional lenders take more time in the application process and finance home loans.

Quicker Process:

Banks’ process for mortgage loans is very time-consuming and stressful as well. Private lenders don’t need to follow government regulations and the necessity to deal with the red tape. Therefore, you can get a mortgage loan much quicker than traditional bank methods. Also, the mortgage loan process is executed very quickly. On the other hand, banks have to pursue a strict and tough filing process for mortgage loans.

Summing up:

When the loan is completed, a second or third mortgage is counted to your title deed, further impeding your property. If your original mortgage has been paid off, the private mortgage loan becomes the primary or first trust deed on your property.