How to Choose the Best Stocktake App for Your Business
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How to Choose the Best Stocktake App for Your Business

Posted By Thomas hodge     Jan 20    


Every online or offline business selling physical products must be familiar with stocktaking. This process involves manually checking whether the quantity and quality of all the inventory a business currently manages are accurate and in good condition. 

By regularly conducting stocktakes, a business can gain insights into products that sell and don’t - essential information for avoiding product shortage. If you’re selling perishable goods, stocktaking makes sorting items due to expire easier, minimising (if not eliminating) expired costs.

The larger a business’ inventory is, the longer it takes to count the stock. Fortunately, today’s technology makes it possible to digitise the entire process. Various retail inventory software offers different functions and integrations with supporting tools to streamline the procedure.

Many technology companies develop retail inventory software for specific types of business, equipping it with industry-based features and functions.

For instance, stocktaking apps for pharmacies may come with automated medicine refills and a reminder system for therapy purposes. Stocktaking apps for pharmacies with a retail management system can handle invoice generation, reordering process, and resident record documentation, among other pharmacy-related functions.

Stocktaking apps for convenience stores generally include point-of-sale solutions, inventory management, and reports. Certain stocktaking apps for convenience stores have employee and audit management - ideal for small to medium-sized retail stores.

Stocktaking apps for food and beverage are equipped with inventory reports and supplier management. You may also find that some stocktaking apps for food and beverage provide real-time insights into stock levels and purchase orders.

Similarly, stocktaking apps for bars and clubs offer automatic invoicing and reordering with suppliers. As stocktaking apps for bars and clubs are used in a fast-paced industry, they are usually equipped with real-time tracking features to reduce errors and save time.

If you’re in the market for a stock and inventory app, take a look at what Advstock Inventories has to offer. Regardless of your business type, Advstock’s inventory management apps are ready to accommodate your business’ needs.

First and foremost, our stock and inventory app is available to download on iOS App Store and Android Play Store for free. Along with the purchase of Advstock Inventories’ Stocktake Package, the small business stocktaking app allows you to use mobile phones to scan stock and record the data for reporting purposes.

The mobile phone integration makes our small business stocktaking app cost-effective, as you don’t need to purchase a handheld scanner. Furthermore, an added feature lets you record each item’s location should you wish to report by location.

All of our apps support integration with Advstock Inventories’ Barcode Inventory System. All you need to do is generate and export a product listing, then use the Advstock Inventories app to scan your stock. Should you wish to scale your business with other types of products, simply redo the whole process and you’re all set.

There are tons of stocktake apps on the market. However, when an all-in-one solution is presented to you, aren’t you at least tempted to give it a shot?

Contact Advstock Inventories via our website and we’ll set you up in no time.