Coffee Branding Mockup PSD Free

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Coffee Branding Mockup PSD Free

Posted By Suruchi Sharma     January 20, 2022    


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans, the seeds of berries from certain flowering plants in the Coffea genus. Coffee is a plant (Coffea) and the name of the drink that is made from this plant. The coffee plant is a bush or tree that can grow up to ten meters.

The drink is made from the seeds of the coffee plant, called coffee beans. Coffee is usually served hot and is a popular drink in many countries. Coffee contains a chemical called caffeine, a mild drug that keeps people awake. (Coffee Branding Mockup PSD Free)

Types of Coffee Beans:-

i) Arabica:

Arabica is the most popular type of coffee, hands down. Depending on who you ask, many coffee enthusiasts prefer using Arabica beans due to their taste. Typically used for black coffee, Arabica beans have a sweeter, more complex flavor that you can drink straight. 

ii) Robusta:

While Arabica is the most popular, Robusta is cheaper and stronger. Because of its bitter flavor, you’ll typically see Robusta used for espresso drinks and in instant coffee mixes. (Coffee Packaging Mockup)

iii) Liberica:

Native to central and western Africa – specifically Liberia, hence its name – Coffea liberica is prized for its piquant floral aroma and bold, smoky flavor profile. This hardy species is frequently mixed with other varieties to add body and complexity, but rarely receives any credit.

Unheard of in Western civilization before the late 1800s, Liberica gained a foothold with Southeast Asian coffee producers after a fungal disease (“coffee rust”) wiped out much of the region’s Arabica crops.

iv) Excelsa:

The fourth major type of coffee bean is called Excelsa. Though it was once considered a separate coffee species, scientists recently reclassified it as a Liberica variant.

Excelsa beans grow almost entirely in Southeast Asia, and they’re shaped somewhat like Liberica beans, elongated ovals. These beans grow on large 20 to 30-foot coffee plants at medium altitudes.

Different Types of Coffee:

i) Espresso or Short Black:

It is the foundation for most of the different types of coffee, it is the purest form and it certainly isn’t for everybody. The key to good espresso is a good brewing process, it is served one shot of espresso in an espresso cup. (Kraft Paper Coffee Bag Mockup Free)

ii) Macchiato:

Depending on where in the world you are, it might have different processes, but the traditional way to prepare a macchiato is with one shot of espresso and a dollop of steamed milk and foam on top of the espresso.

iii) Long Black or Americano:

This popular drink is a big favorite among all the different types of coffee. It is prepared by extracting one shot of espresso over a cup filled with 2/3rds of hot water.


The healthiest way to take your coffee is hot-brewed and black. One cup has virtually no calories or carbs, no fat, and is low in sodium. Black coffee also has micronutrients, including potassium, magnesium, and niacin. ( Coffee Bag Mockup PSD Free Download)

Coffee is a brewed drink obtained by extracting in water the soluble components from the roasted pits of the coffee cherry. Coffee is a beverage with a variable percentage of caffeine, and a specific aroma and taste.