Diablo 2 fans will enjoy this fantastic trip down memory lane

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Diablo 2 fans will enjoy this fantastic trip down memory lane

Posted By Wu Lin     January 20, 2022    


In the history of video games, Diablo 2 is one of the few that has become as deeply ingrained in the collective memory of the gaming community as it has.  It would be difficult to find a PC gamer over the age of 25 who had never heard of the game, and it would be even more difficult to find a gamer under the age of 25 who hadn't at least attempted to play it at some point in their lives.

As a result, many people assumed that Diablo 2 Resurrection would be released at some point in the near future.  In almost all cases, updating a game will result in some easy sales, but updating a game as revered as Diablo 2 will almost certainly result in some easy sales if the game is remastered properly.  I can tell you right now that you're going to make a fortune in this business.  If you can get past the sweaty nerds of the fan base who snubbed Diablo 3, which was actually quite good, and announce Diablo 4, you'll have a recipe for financial success on your hands.  Diablo 2 resurrected Runewords for sale remains to be seen whether a fresh coat of paint can compensate for 21 years of game development experience.  In a nutshell, the answer is no, but let's take a closer look at why this is so.

  1. Right away, it's clear where the vast majority of the remastering budget has been spent from the moment you first boot up the game

  2.  The visual enhancements that have been made to this game are nothing short of spectacular in their execution

  3.  Apart from that, the attacks and spells are smooth and crisply animated; in addition, character and monster model updates, as well as dungeon updates, are on par with those found in any other action role-playing game currently available on the market

  4.  While it's a pleasure to look at, the delightful blend of nostalgia and fidelity introduced in Resurrected is even more of a pleasure to experience in its entirety



Apart from that, the cinematography. . .  oh my god, the cinematography. . . When it comes to narrating stories through cutscenes, Blizzard has consistently outperformed the competition – and I do mean consistently.  Consider any Blizzard game, from Overwatch to World of Warcraft, and the company's capabilities will become immediately apparent to you.  In the case of Diablo 2, there were no exceptions, and the dramatic increase in visual fidelity that Diablo 2 Resurrected provides only adds to the overall enjoyment of the game as a whole.  In order to meticulously recreate every frame of almost the entire 27-minute duration of the original cutscenes in the game, every frame was meticulously re-created from scratch, and my god, are they ever good.

Aside from a significant visual upgrade, which was already present when the game was first released all those years ago, there isn't much new to the game.  In many ways, the game is considered a classic.  In terms of overall quality of life, there is a short list of improvements that can be found, but realistically, they are all of minor significance.  You now have the option to 'hold to attack' while collecting gold, which makes it easier to collect gold.  Apart from that, there is an abundance of accessibility options available to choose from, which is always a welcome addition.  The good news is that, once you've gotten past the initial shock, you'll discover that Diablo 2 is essentially the same game as its predecessor, for better or worse.

At the start of the game, you can choose from a group of seven characters, which includes characters from the base game as well as the Assassin and Druid characters introduced in the Lord of Destruction expansion package.  Following your selection, you'll be given the option to take on the role of one of the characters.  The Sorceress was the character I ultimately chose after much deliberation and uncertainty (as well as a significant amount of googling).  This was my first time playing Diablo 2 on my own, and I was excited to see how it turned out.

Having played Diablo 2 for nearly ten years, and despite the fact that I continue to dominate every season of Diablo 3, I knew this would be a completely different experience than my previous games.  However, I was completely unprepared for how clumsy the gameplay would be until I actually got to play with it.  While the Sorceress' spells were almost as difficult to master as the demon I was fighting, the extremely limited inventory system was something I wasn't prepared to deal with at the time.  Even after you've combined a couple of potions and charms with the required scrolls for both the Town Portal and the Identify (both of which were thankfully removed from Diablo 3), your inventory is nearly half-full, leaving little room for loot in a game that is heavily focused on loot.