Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

Posted By codeit hub     Jan 20    


Artificial Intelligence (AI), a modern approach, is a new science-making machine that helps machines learn on their own with human-like intelligence through a combination of Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science algorithms. ( Coding education )

While in the beginning AI started as machines performing only trivial human tasks and enhancing the speed of production processes, or computers teaching themselves how to play chess better, it has evolved greatly throughout the years. 

AI can be seen everywhere today, it enhances most phone cameras to allow better pictures, helps us manage our finances and is integrated in our daily lives in many ways. 

But besides helping us automate our world and enhance the efficiency of jobs, which a “computer intelligence” is expected to be able to do, there are examples of AI coming closer and closer to human intelligence. With robots being able to participate in conversations and even quizzes, or producing paintings and music and exhibiting creativity in different forms, even coming close to mimicking human emotions, one can start to wonder what the future of AI will bring to us.( Wordpress Coding )

There have been multiple reports recently which claim that a major part of the human workforce will be replaced by automatons and machines in the years to come. 

With excessive research and development being conducted in the field of artificial intelligence, many fear that a major job crisis will unfold since multiple jobs are more accurately and efficiently performed with the utilization of machines. 

Artificial Intelligence Vs. Human Intelligence (AI vs. HI)

Today, many AI-powered applications have faster execution speeds, higher operational efficiencies, better work efficiency and better decision-making accuracy than humans.

We know that human intelligence stems from adaptive learning and personal experience; It does not depend on pre-fed data. But AI requires pre-fed data!

It is true that for the hardware and software of a machine, or a robot, our human memory, brain computing power, and body composition as a whole seem insignificant.

Is Human Intelligence replaceable

Let’s get back to the debate of Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence. Recent AI achievements are imitating human intelligence closely but can't go beyond human brains.

Our brains acquire knowledge with a sense of understanding, logic, learning, reasoning, and experience. The way we feel everything, most importantly, the emotions makes us different from the digital machines, robotics, AI technologies, and more. ( )

Your brain and heart make the importance of human intelligence above AI. 

However, with the growth of AI, the risks of artificial intelligence are increasing as we aren’t able to use our brains and hearts at their full capacity.

No matter how many developments we see in the wide use of AI, it is still not possible for AI to replace human intelligence. The core aspect of human intelligence remains our ability to consider ourselves and others, feel empathy, make decisions based not only on data but also instinct, and read the emotions of people around us in order to adjust our behavior, a key aspect of human interaction. ( HTML Coding )

But the fact that computers are not able to mimic this currently does not mean it will always be impossible. This remains one of the biggest debates concerning AI today.

Human and computer workforce processing together, working efficiently and accurately for the benefit of mankind appears to be a good artificial intelligence future.

But, whether this will be possible or not, it is not known yet!