Will Retailers Need a POS Terminal After Covid?

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Will Retailers Need a POS Terminal After Covid?

Posted By John Snape     January 23, 2022    


Until now, most customers have depended on bank cards to make in-store purchases, and the vendor needed only a payment terminal to complete the transaction. But thanks to Apple Pay and Google Pay, a growing number of users are now making purchases on their phones rather than using bank cards, making a smoother checkout experience. Phone payments also make it more comfortable to avoid transmitting Covid, as there’s no need to touch a shared pin pad on a credit card swipe machine. With the increasing preponderance of mobile payments, it seems unavoidable that retailers will soon be able to do without a payment terminal completely.

The progress in making and receiving payments has affected buyers, sellers and major tech alike. For example, to additionally accelerate the transition to the contactless era, Apple purchased Mobeewave, a SoftPOS provider in Canada. The lesson for businesses here is that there is no sense in having a costly payment terminal if a mobile device can do the exact. It seems that Apple was the first to comprehend this progression. 

Post-Covid world

The transformations that have emerged as a consequence of the pandemic cannot be undervalued. Social distancing and hygiene measures have had a direct and irreversible impact on the way businesses execute their operations.
Gone are the days of extended queues and crowded restaurants and pubs. Germany, England and other European countries are reporting full lockdowns, while France has already declared that many traditional Christmas festivities will be canceled across the country.

Another fear recognising the need for terminals in query is that of virus transmission. Pushing buttons that have been handled by dozens of otherwise unconnected people presents a clear sanitation challenge. With governments establishing rigid requirements on the use of masks and gloves to buyers at all businesses, the need for facilitating contact surfaces becomes obvious. As payment terminal keypads are a typical source of contact, their ongoing presence and use in an establishment can be suspected when there are contactless alternatives widely available.

The POS Terminal has a major role nowadays. In these pandemic days, it has helped the local vendors in many ways. They don't have to handle currencies after implementing the POS Terminal in their business. The shop vendors can easily monitor their payment status with a single touch. 

Even the advancement in technology. Now the POS Terminal comes under contactless. So the end-user doesn't want to touch the dial pad in POS Terminal to finalize the transaction. Only they have to set the limit in their debit cards/credit cards for contactless payments. Various types of pos terminals available are

Short Term POS Terminal Hire

Mobile POS Terminal

Contactless PoS Terminal

Countertop PoS Terminal

Social Distancing PoS Terminal


As the market for mobile payment solutions pervades and the competition strengthens, there will eventually be winners. Whoever comes out on top, the pandemic has made it all but unavoidable that we will wave goodbye to conventional keypad payment terminals in favour of contactless options sooner than we thought. Thanks to the technology that now contactless POS Terminal and mobile POS Terminal comes handy. In fact we can say that the retailers is supposed to carry to a pos terminal having advanced technology which we mentioned before.