Battle for Azeroth: Warfront is interesting, but not always
    • Last updated December 30, 2019
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Battle for Azeroth: Warfront is interesting, but not always

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     December 30, 2019    


Blizzard is about to launch a new expansion of World of Warcraft, called Battle for Azeroth. The development team has added a lot of interesting new content, such as Warfront. In this mode, players can experience large-scale battles similar to Warcraft 3. This is a PvE battle. Players need to defeat the NPC leader of the enemy faction in the final battle. Players who successfully kill the leader will get a lot of advanced equipment, which makes many players look forward to it.

It must be admitted that in the beta server, I felt the fun of Warfront from the beginning. It's so interesting and fascinating WOW Classic Gold that I'm willing to spend a day in this battlefield, even without any rewards, I think it's worth it, because building the base step by step and continuously improving it is very rewarding. But when I visited the event for the third time, I found that repeating the same behavior again did not bring more interesting feedback. Of course, when I need more reputation and high-level equipment, I will think of Warfront, but it didn't mean much to me at that time. Now use code "XMAS" to obtain 6% discount at ZZWOW, visit and buying the cheapest WOW Classic Gold.

At present, the most critical question is whether Blizzard will continue to open new Warfront in the future, but it is clear that Blizzard does not intend to disclose more information at this time. In short, if you are experiencing Warfront for the first time, you will definitely find the fun that belongs to you, but don't expect you to get the same surprise when you enter the battle scene for the second time. We can only expect that the development team will make more favorable adjustments to this gameplay in the future to make it develop and improve like other outstanding gameplay in World of Warcraft. ZZWOW is actually one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

Blizzard has noted in a forum post that Warfronts will not be going live day one of Battle for Azeroth. Instead, players will need to wait to experience the Battle for the Arathi Highlands. While no date is given in the post, it seems likely that Warfronts will launch around Sept. 4, the same day the Uldir raid and the Mythic Plus system will be released.

Blizzard also clarified how the first Vanilla WOW Gold Warfront will go down. The Horde will be the first faction able to contribute to the war effort, and therefor the first faction to actually attempt the Warfront. However, the Alliance will have access to World Quests in the area before the Horde launches their attack.