How To Clean Roof Properly

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How To Clean Roof Properly

Posted By akhil hobby     Jan 31    


One area that is often overlooked is the roof. The roof keeps us safe from the sun, the wind, water, hail, and whatnot, so properly maintaining the roof is necessary, as the buildup of leaves, water algae can lead to the structural integrity being weakened. Maintaining the roof is not a difficult task, provided you to the periodic checks and maintenance, if not it can lead t serious problems. Moss and algae growth can lead to discoloration of the roof, especially if the roof makes use of bright-colored tiles. Now we will go over how to clean the roof properly and the things you should keep in mind.

How To Clean The Roof Properly

1. Be Cautious

First, you have to be cautious, for two things. Firstly only take the process of roof cleaning if you are confident, if you are not afraid of heights, as you will be standing at a height that can be problematic if anything goes wrong, and most often standing at an angle, one second of lapse of concentration and things will get ugly. So, only climb on top of the roof if you are confident and have the safety equipment like a harness. Secondly, the easiest way to clean the roof is just to use a pressure washer, but don’t just go about using it right away, because the roof is made up of various tiles and small screws and shingles that hold them together. You might have seen professional cleaners using pressure washers, but they are not using it at the maximum pressure and are only using it on areas that don’t house these screws and other joints, they know what they are doing.

2. The Right Time To Do It

The best time to clean the roof is on a sunny day, so much that the cleaning solution won’t get evaporated fast, and will have enough time to settle down and do its job. Never try to clean the roof on windy or rainy days as you know the risks associated with it.

3. The Preparation and Cleaning Solution

Remove all the plants and other items on the roof, like excess water, shrubs, algae, moss, etc by hand or with a tool that doesn't scratch the surface of the roof. Make sure that you are wearing proper equipment especially good boots that offer a good amount of grip and gloves. Remove as much debris as you can by hand. Then move on to using a cleaning solution, to loosen up the sticky stuff, remember it will take time, don’t expect the solution to remove everything in the first attempt itself. 

4. Call In The Professionals

If you think you won’t be able to do it, because of the height, the debris buildup, not having the proper tools, and all, then worry not, all you have to do is to take the assistance of a roof cleaning service provider. With them, you can be sure that the roof will be cleaned to perfection, as they will have the right cleaning solution that would remove the debris and stains and at the same time,won’t harm the roof and the materials, won’t affect their shine. They would know how much pressure to use while using the washer and all the areas where extra care should be taken like the joints and areas held together by screws.


Now, proper roof cleaning is necessary, or else algae, moss, and excessive debris buildup can lead to the structural integrity weakening and provide the perfect habitat for allergens and other bacteria to grow and cause all kinds of health issues. The best approach is to take up the service of professional roof cleaners because there is a lot of steps involved in a safety protocol to follow while cleaning the roof because standing at height and at an angle would require experience and safety harness which are not found in households.