Blizzard claims that the Azerite armor system will be modified
    • Last updated December 31, 2019
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Blizzard claims that the Azerite armor system will be modified

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     December 31, 2019    


In the expansion of Azeroth, World of Warcraft players ushered in a new trophy system, which is one of the most criticized systems. In this version of World of Warcraft, all players will get an artifact-quality necklace. Correspondingly, players can't get other necklaces in any way. At the same time, all the helmets, shoulders and breastplates that players get in various activities will Become an Azerite armor. Simply put, the Heart of Azeroth necklace is like a battery, the energy comes from the various ways to get Azerot, the heart of Azeroth will automatically absorb WOW Classic Gold For Sale them and upgrade the level, thus for all Aze Ritter armor charges and unlocks new features.

Although it replaces the artifact system in the previous version, it has a lot of serious problems: most of the features you can unlock can't bring great improvement to your character, and unlock all the Azerot features needed. Spend a lot of time upgrading the Heart of Azeroth Necklace. This makes many players have a very bad feeling, it is not like a better system, it is more like the regression of the artifact system in the army expansion. MMOWTS is actually one of suitable WoW Classic Gold store, their 24/h online service makes easily and convient transaction!

After the start of Season 2, Blizzard removed the worst Azerite features that were criticized by players and added a number of meaningful abilities to replace them, giving players more choices to achieve a more interesting fighting style. This makes many players feel forward to it. In addition, higher quality Ezerit armor will be added, which has a fifth layer of features, and players need to be more cautious when choosing the right combination of features.

In the later 8.2 patch, developers tried to make the system easier and simpler. Hazzikostas said that the heart of Azeroth and the armor of Azerite will be completely revised. The goal of the developer is that the features of the Azerite armor will no longer be unlocked depending on the level of Heart of Azeroth, they will be completely unlocked while you gain armor. Simply put, whenever you get a brand new Cheap WOW Classic Gold Azerite armor, you can instantly choose the features you need and enjoy the bonus they bring to you. The level of Heart of Azeroth will have other extra effects. It will have an independent passive skill tree. When you successfully upgrade the level of the artifact necklace, you will get more passive skill rewards. This sounds like a satisfactory system, let us wait for it to arrive.