How often should you pump the septic tank?

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How often should you pump the septic tank?

Posted By Metro Septic Pumping     Feb 2    


People are not familiar with the concept of the septic tank. The septic tank is a water-tight container buried into the soil and is generally made of concrete, brick masonry, fiberglass, or polyethylene. Their purpose is to eliminate water by the natural filtering mechanism of the soil. Indirectly we can say that it makes water safe for reuse, and they allow the water tables to replenish naturally. Hence its maintenance should be done regularly to ensure the proper functioning of the septic tank. There are a lot of benefits you can get from septic tanks. They are environmentally safe and generally are more affordable options than a public sewer system. You can find septic tank-related services both on offline and online platforms. If you are concerned about your septic tank, you can easily avail yourself of experienced septic pumping in Snellville through Metro Septic Pumping company.

How often should you get your septic tank pumped?

It is one of the most popularly asked questions. New homeowners are often unfamiliar with the septic pumping concept. For proper functioning of the septic tank, they have to learn its concept and work to avoid unnecessary monetary problems. Usually, general guidelines say that septic pumping should be done every 2-5 years. But in reality, you need to pump your septic tank according to its requirement. Pumping too often or too late is a problem. If you are pumping too often when there is insufficient build-up, you are losing a lot of money as pumping costs for your septic tank. Frequently paying for the service does not provide you with any additional benefits. Your septic tank has to maintain a good level of bacteria which uses an anaerobic digestion mechanism for the natural breakdown of waste material. Pumping at the right time is necessary as it takes around 1 to 3 weeks to build up the healthy bacteria. If you are pumping too late, it might lead to clogs and failure. Therefore, it is essential for sludge and scum levels to reach a threshold level before pumping.


The above article must be clear about how often you should pump your septic tanks. If you are looking for septic pumping Snellville, then you can look for different online septic pumping sites.