Curtain pole suit and bulk manufacturer Informs You Of These Aspects

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Curtain pole suit and bulk manufacturer Informs You Of These Aspects

Posted By fenghao tommy     January 1, 2020    


Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for curtains for your kitchen.

1. Safety
Safety is key when it comes to selecting kitchen curtains. Your kitchen is a hub for cooking and baking, which means heat, smoke, scalding liquids and more. Take note of materials that are flammable or absorb odors and are difficult to clean.

While certain fabrics work just fine in other areas of your home, they may be more susceptible to damage when exposed to smoke, heat and other hazards in your kitchen.

2. Size and Location of Kitchen Windows
Be sure to assess the location and measure the size of the kitchen windows where you want to add curtains. This will determine the curtain length, width, type of curtain rod brackets and other specifications you’ll need to hang curtains.

The location of the window can impact how you play around with different light levels. For example, if your kitchen window sits above the sink and you prefer to have more natural light, shop for shorter café curtains that don’t completely block out all light from the window.

3. Type of Fabric
Not all curtain fabrics are suitable for kitchen windows. For instance, suede, velvet or silk fabrics wouldn’t exactly match the look and feel of a kitchen. Sheer voile or cotton, on the other hand, are more suitable.

You’ll also want to evaluate how much effort you’re willing to put into cleaning and maintaining the curtains, as this can affect the type of fabric you choose. Cotton, for example, is typically easy to care for and machine-washable.

Again, certain fabrics such as polyester are not recommended for kitchens due to flammability, so remember to steer clear of materials that can pose a danger to your home or family.

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