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Posted By art and success     February 15, 2022    


My Sweet Discovery of Encaustic Painting!

A few months ago, I stumbled across the concept of mixed media and how it liberates an artist's creative potential. My younger brother assisted me in seeing the limitless potential of mixed media and encaustics, which sent my creative mind to search for more answers regarding mixed media and encaustics.



It all began when my younger brother came back from school and began to do his assignment on the topic of mixing encaustics with other paints and mediums. I watched how his face kept brightening up as he continued doing the assignment, and I realized how immersed he was in the work.



"How's it going, bro?" I inquired of him as I moved closer to his working table. "A continuous loop of inspiration that’s triggering a cyclic eruption of more and more creative ideas and further inspiration!" He exclaimed. As I continued to watch him work on his encaustic painting, I fell in love with the entire concept of adding encaustic to a stable of abstract painting techniques to create varied kinds of textures and surfaces. I convinced myself that I would learn about encaustic painting!



Encaustic Class

I began to search the Internet for leads to encaustic workshops and an online encaustic class that I could join. I knew that loving encaustic painting alone wouldn’t get me far unless I invested in acquiring tangible knowledge about and skills in that form of art.



The search brought me to a slew of websites that claimed to provide encaustic workshops and lessons, but upon closer inspection, failed to live up to my expectations. I was about to give up when an old friend sent me this website link and advised me to look at the unlimited possibilities of mixed media and encaustic painting that artist Pamela Caughey elegantly revealed.



My interest was aroused, so I dribbled into her website store and YouTube channel and was astounded by their abundance of material, expertise, and talent! One of the resources that I discovered was her YouTube video, "My ENCAUSTIC LIFE." This was the ultimate assurance that she would be the finest tutor for me on my encaustic journey!



Yes, O Love Encaustic Painting, Too!

The first thing I saw when I clicked on the "My ENCAUSTIC LIFE" video was the phrase, "Yes, I love Encaustic Painting, too!" This was fantastic! My heart skipped a beat as I wondered if Pamela had made the video after listening to my pulses. That's because I was already in love with encaustic painting!



My hunt for true encaustic workshops and an encaustic class came to an end after seeing her video and the initial contact with it, which conveyed the message, "Yes, I love encaustic painting, too!" I quickly subscribed to this site in order to receive first-hand information on the encaustic workshops organized by Pamela Caughey. I also registered in Pamela's Encaustic class, and my dreams of encaustic painting have been unfolding step by step under Pamela's expert instruction ever since.



Tired of Endless Encaustic Class or Encaustic Workshops Search?

Are you like me and keep pressing the incorrect buttons while looking for the appropriate (genuine) encaustic class and encaustic workshops? Don't worry; just reach out to Pamela Caughey and you’ll be good to go!