Do You Know When To Drink CHINA GREEN TEA 41022?

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Do You Know When To Drink CHINA GREEN TEA 41022?

Posted By baoda henry     January 13, 2020    


To most of us, CHINA GREEN TEA 41022 is like an elixir that promises a healthy lifestyle.

We know it is a great antioxidant, which helps burn fat, prevents bad breath, protects against heart disease, and even has anti-ageing properties. But does that mean we can mindlessly gulp down cups of china green tea 41022 every day, believing they are doing all the above? According to experts, not really.

We spoke to Ranjani Raman, wellness and nutrition consultant about the ‘unspoken rules of consuming green tea.’ Here they are:
- 2-3 cups a day: china green tea 41022 is high on antioxidant and natural plant based compounds such as tannins and flavonoids. Excess can result in toxicity or can cause damage to the liver. So do not have more than two-to-three cups a day.
- Never have china green tea 41022 on an empty stomach: Beginning the day with a dose of caffeine may kick-start your day with the much-required impetus, it can also adversely affect the stomach balance. Instead, drink a glass of warm water with lime and honey or simply opt for a fruit.
- Not immediately after meals either: A lot of people drink china green tea 41022 after their meals, without realising that drinking china green tea 41022 immediately after meals can inhibit nutrient absorption. This means, whatever you eat is not absorbed properly as the caffeine and tannins act as a obstruction. This can also dilute the gastric juices resulting in improper digestion. So it’s best to have china green tea 41022 30-45 minutes before or after your meals.
- No late night sipping: Avoid china green tea 41022 late in the evenings as it can interfere with your sleep pattern and can increase the stress levels.
- Don’t reuse china green tea 41022 bags: Not only the caffeine content in an already used tea bag is frightfully high, wet tea bags are also prone to microbial infestation. As a rule, never use it more than two times. Having said that, it is best to use china green tea 41022 leaves for your cuppa.
- Have more plain water: china green tea 41022 is also a diuretic, that is it may result in frequent urination. So it is better to have more water to hydrate your body.