What is Bisexual Invisibility?

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What is Bisexual Invisibility?

Posted By Emily Clarke     February 18, 2022    


Support for LGBTQ+ communities is at an all-time high. However, there's still a long way to go for widespread acceptance. Even in these accepting communities, some are facing discrimination and erasure.

Please keep reading to learn more about bisexual invisibility and its effects on those who identify as bisexual.

What is Bi Erasure?

Bisexual erasure or invisibility is to ignore, invalidate, or demonize bisexual people. Bisexuality is when a person feels sexual or romantic attraction towards men and women. Some may also feel drawn to non-binary or transgender partners, but the standard definition is attraction towards their sex and the opposite sex.

The bisexual community makes up a significant chunk of the queer community. Yet, those who identify as bi often face discrimination. It doesn't just come from evangelicals or anti-queer advocates. In many cases, invisibility comes from other queer-identifying people.

Why Bi Invisibility Exists

Ask anyone on a bi women website, and they'll tell you that biphobia and erasure are issues they deal with regularly. Discrimination from outside of the community is not surprising. But why is it coming from other queer people?

Most attribute bisexual invisibility to a lack of understanding. The queer experience is unique and challenging in its own right. Because of the intolerance people face, they grow accustomed to gravitating towards others who have similar experiences. If you are looking for a bi women website, click here.

However, many believe that bisexuals have less difficulty coming to terms with their sexuality. The fact that they can have heteronormative relationships makes some people think their experience is less valid. They can "blend in" and have seemingly heterosexual relationships. So, why are they part of the LGBTQ+ community?

In reality, bisexual people have it just as hard as gay, lesbian, or transgender people. Some would argue that many bisexual individuals cannot explore that side of their personality at all due to the inherent prejudices in and out of the queer community. As a result, many bisexuals are unable to come out at all.

Overcoming Bisexual Invisibility

The only way to stop bi erasure is to continue the discussion and gain more understanding of the colorful queer experience. Educate others and welcome bisexual people into the community with open arms. You can also visit a bi women website to meet like-minded individuals and feel seen.

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