How Does the Apple Podcasts Algorithm Work?

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How Does the Apple Podcasts Algorithm Work?

Posted By Justin Taylor     February 21, 2022    


Apple was one of the pioneers in the podcast space, and Apple Podcasts remains a major platform for podcasters of all types. In fact, Apple has been so influential in podcasting that the name “podcasting” comes from the brand’s early iPods. These were portable MP3 players that were used to listen to downloaded broadcasts of content.

Today, virtually all smartphones include the technology to play MP3s, and streaming has overtaken the need to download podcasts in many cases. Regardless, if you want to share your views, knowledge and experience with others while also potentially generating an income, podcasting is the way to do it.

How Do People Find Your Podcast?

Although podcasting is fairly easy at its core, getting your podcast found among the huge amount of other podcasts out there can be difficult. Many people use search engines to look for podcasts pertaining to specific topics, but Apple Podcasts also provides a search function through its app and site. To know more about how Apple ranks podcasts, visit this website.

In order to be ranked higher in listings on Apple Podcasts, your podcasting channel is evaluated by Apple’s algorithm. This is essentially a mathematical equation that takes into account factors like the number of days you’ve been active, the number of subscribers you have and the number of new subscribers you’ve gained within a particular period of time.

How Apple ranks podcasts is proprietary, but it’s believed that, in addition to subscriber data, the algorithm also takes into account your podcast’s technical quality, reviews, downloads and overall ratings data. This information only applies to how Apple ranks podcasts and will not necessarily affect how search engines rank podcasts in results pages.

Staying on Top of Things

In order to consistently rank higher in both Apple Podcasts’ results and search engine results pages, it’s a good idea to stay on top of changes made to algorithms as these tend to evolve over time. If you don’t have the technical know-how to do this, consider partnering with a marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and digital content monetization. These firms will have the skills required to ensure that your podcast has a better chance to get ranked higher regardless of how algorithms change in the future.

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