8 Places to Learn Microsoft Excel for Free that will boost your Career

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8 Places to Learn Microsoft Excel for Free that will boost your Career

Posted By Samuel Clark     October 9, 2018    


The world is becoming more competitive with each passing second. In this dynamic environment, you need to polish your skills to make a solid position for yourself. One such vital skill is mastering Microsoft Excel that can set you apart from the crowd. If you can handle Microsoft Excel with ease, then your efficiency level goes up significantly. Below is the list curated by MyWorldGo experts so you can learn Microsoft Excel with ease.

1. Microsoft Excel Help Center

The best help is the guide book of the software itself. Although Microsoft doesn’t offer any free courses to help you with your learning phase, but it does have some incredible tutorials available from where you can learn all about the Excel software. The tutorials cover everything from the basics like adding and formatting the data table and advance level like macros and merging mails. You have a convenient option of picking up the guide as per your need. Alternatively, you can browse through the full length course to grasp it. Some tutorials also have options to try out your skills while learning.

2. GCF LearnFree.org

GFCLearnFree.org is one of those websites that offers most inclusive free study material. On offer you will find about 29 tutorials and a few extras. You can learn here, how to create a workbook and save them to how to do formatting with other attributes. All the information is quite accessible to all the learners. At the end, try to take a quiz to see how much you have learnt.

3. Excel Exposure

Are you one of those individuals who prefer to see the demo over learning by reading the text, then Excel Exposure is a god send source for you. Excel Exposure presents the topic in an elaborate format covering a wide range of topics that can help you master the software. The whole length courses are broken into multiple smaller chunks that help the viewer to learn even the difficult functions easily.

4. Chandoo

Exploring Chandoo can make you that smart guy who knows how to get the work done in a jiffy. If you want to attain the same tag, then you know exactly where to head. Simply pick the tutorial as per your requirement and get started. Although some features of the website are paid, but you can learn a lot from the free tutorials as well.

5. Excel Central

Excel Central is another good option if you want to learn without paying. The basics here are absolutely free. You get a choice to choose between four versions of the course and can extract the max benefit out of the program.

6. Contextures

You can learn excel from this site by taking help of various lessons, sample files and videos. You can help yourself with the tips that are available from other experts of the Microsoft Excel. The proud site owner of Debra Dalgliesh says that the site has everything you need to become the master of Microsoft Excel.

7. Excel Hero

This particular source is for those who have already learned the tricks of the basic features of Microsoft Excel. Nonetheless, it still constitutes a great knowledge for the beginners. You can download a plethora of workbooks that are freely available on the website.

8. Mr. Excel

The majority of the source needs to be purchased but don’t beat yourself up. The informative blog can help you a lot with the tips and tricks to work around excel. They organise webinars which are free. They tend to focus on multiple topics that can solve your queries and clear your doubts. 

You can learn about more such topics at MyWorldGo. Keep checking out our website for more such information.