New World Health Potions Guide

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New World Health Potions Guide

Posted By video game     February 22, 2022    


Health Potions are a staple in MMOs, and New World is no different. So before surviving in Aeternum, you’ll want to stock up on as many healing potions as possible. So in this article, we have prepared a handy guide on health potions in New World. It talks about the different types of health potions available in the game while sharing details on how to unlock and craft them.

Drinking health potions in New World is an effective way to heal yourself quickly. Unlike food, drinking a potion instantly recovers a portion of your health. New World offers five different types of potions; here’s every health potion, including their effects and the ingredients required to craft them:

Weak Health Potion (7% + 200 HP) – 1x Tier 1 Medicinal Reagents + Arcane Repository Tier 2 - Arcana Level 0
Common Health Potion (7% + 400 HP) - 1x Tier 2 Medicinal Reagents + Arcane Repository Tier 2 - Arcana Level 0
Strong Health Potion (7% + 900 HP) - 1x Tier 3 Medicinal Reagents + 1x Earth Reagents + 1x Water + Arcane Repository Tier 3 - Arcana Level 50
Powerful Health Potion (7% + 1600 HP) - 1x Tier 4 Medicinal Reagents + 1x Earth Reagents + 1x Spirit Reagents + 1x Water + Arcane Repository Tier 4 - Arcana Level 100
Infused Health Potion (7% + 2400 HP) - 1x Tier 5 Medicinal Reagents + 1x Earth Reagents + 1x Spirit Reagents + x Water + Arcane Repository Tier 5 - Arcana Level 150

Once you have all the necessary ingredients, you can go to the campfire or kitchen in the settlement and create a health potion. As you can see, some are more complex to craft than others. But with that complexity comes more healing, so it’s worth the time!

At the beginning of the game, players can only craft the weak health potion. To make the higher-tier potions, players have to unlock them. Players can unlock high-tier potions in New World by increasing their Arcana skills.

Thankfully, players can increase their Arcana skills by crafting different concoctions. Meaning, during the early game, making a plentitude of weak health potions or other concoctions will increase players’ Aracana skill — unlocking the higher tier potions.

Lastly, not everybody has the patience or dedication for crafting, so you can also use new world gold coins to buy them at the Trading Post. In order to get the best deal, be sure to sort by price from Lowest to Highest!

That’s all you need to know about health potions in New World. Don’t forget to visit our New World dedicated section, where you will find lots of guides, news, and updates!