One-click customized sex doll girlfriend, I will ask a few people who are not interested?
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    • Last updated February 23, 2022
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One-click customized sex doll girlfriend, I will ask a few people who are not interested?

Posted By Kevin Mille     February 23, 2022    



High-end sex doll launched, causing a global sensation

Once the doll was launched, it sparked a heated discussion. Some of them think: "Sex doll are just an extension of the 'objectification' of sex. There are 7 billion human beings, but many have lost the ability to love each other. Businesses actually take advantage of this weakness for profit, saying that sex dolls can replace humans! "

"I never thought that these dolls and sex dolls could replace humans," said Matt, the CEO of the sex doll production company. He said that although he has never bought sex dolls, he believes that AI technology like Harmony is the development of sex dolls. The inevitable trend will change the interaction between humans and sex dolls.

Young Sex Dolls

At present, the target group of sex dolls is mainly male, but many companies in the industry have begun to create sex dolls for women. These types of silicone sex dolls are used to create intimate relationships that are ultimately beneficial rather than detrimental to relationships. Although every time technology changes, people panic and don't know what impact it will have on human beings, but technology often makes human beings more intimate (you know).

Matt said: "Many customers buy sex dolls for more than just solving their physical needs. Many customers choose to buy this kind of sex dolls because they can't fall in love with normal women. Mark Young, Arizona, USA A nerd who loves his sex dolls."

True Stories of silicone sex doll Users

For example, Mr. Yang set the doll's character as "lively and cheerful, affectionate, generous and talkative". He said: "I bought this doll at first because I had been single for a long time. But personally I think it's a waste of time to fall in love. But I still want to be accompanied by a girl, so I bought her." He admitted that there is a physical relationship between himself and the robot sex doll. relationship, but this relationship is only "secondary".

"With a sex doll, I can buy her clothes to wear. With her, I don't have to worry about doing anything wrong in my life. If I like to buy her a hat, I will buy it, and I don't have to be afraid that she doesn't like it," Mr. Yang further said. explained.

Young Real Sex Dolls

As the world develops, people become more and more independent, and with it comes a strong sense of loneliness. It's not easy to meet someone who has the same temperament and hobbies in the crowd. The emergence of smart dolls has given hope to many lonely people. Maybe one day in the future, one of the couples on the road will be a smart Skinny Sex Doll.