World of Warcraft faces serious problems shortly after launch day
    • Last updated January 22, 2020
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World of Warcraft faces serious problems shortly after launch day

Posted By Helodie Jaqucline     January 22, 2020    


World of Warcraft has undergone a series of tests during the development process, and has eliminated as many bugs and other problems as possible that may affect the normal operation of the game. In the end, players saw the WOW Classic Gold original version of World of Warcraft in the second half of 2005. The situation after that is already familiar to most players. As long as anyone who knows the history of Blizzard knows that World of Warcraft quickly defeated all competitors in a short time and became the world's most successful MMORPG. Of course, for Blizzard COO Paul Sams, there are many stories that people don't know.

On the day of World of Warcraft's release, Sams was always on site, and the team's hard work was paid due, which made him very happy. But while smiling, he also saw serious problems that he might face in the future. He has been observing the operation of the server, because this is the first time that Blizzard has run MMORPG. The influx of players quickly reminded him of the previously mentioned 'high class problem'. Compared with the expected situation, the player's enthusiasm is obviously higher, and the server is likely to be quickly filled in a short time. This means that unless Blizzard adds more servers to accommodate players, some players who have paid the subscription fee may not be able to enter the game normally, which will be the worst result.

They had already experienced this dilemma when Diablo II was released, and that was in 2000. This ARPG also achieved far more than expected sales, resulting in insufficient server capacity to accommodate players. To prevent this from limiting the success of the game, Blizzard has prepared sufficient emergency plans in advance. The development team put all of them into World of Warcraft, whether it is money or energy. This is an adventure, but it also means a huge opportunity, and no one wants to fail in this situation. Whenever I need to use WOW Classic Gold in the game, I always think of ZZWOW, where I can buy cheap and secure WOW Classic Gold. If you need it, you can visit ZZWOW's official website.

They were shocked at how quickly the players were increasing, it was growing so fast that a limited number of servers were filling up quickly. The good news is that they have prepared enough spare servers to Buy WOW Classic Gold meet the challenges that would not have occurred-they originally planned to gradually open these servers in the next year, but within a few days after the game was released, these servers have begun run. Blizzard also needs to further increase the number of servers to meet the needs of players.

Within a couple of days they placed more orders for hardware and set up more data centres together with the IT team, to accommodate what was becoming a runaway hit. They started dropping millions of dollars more within launch to start pulling in more hardware, in anticipation of what they felt was going to happen.