Market Advantages Of Fluor Free Grease Resistant Paper

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Market Advantages Of Fluor Free Grease Resistant Paper

Posted By run Hydrotech     Feb 28    


fluor free grease resistant paper is a plastic packaging product with paper pulp and cardboard as the primary raw materials. The raw materials used in it, such as wood and bamboo, are green plants that can be harvested and regenerated; reed leaves, bagasse, cotton stalks, straws, etc. It is the leftovers of the countryside. These are all re-cultivable, reusable resources.

The final consumption of plastic packaging products is petroleum, which is a non-renewable energy source. Therefore, compared with other packaging such as plastic, food wrapping paper has more advantages in terms of resource utilization, and has a good green ecological reputation in the market. Food wrapping paper can not only be reused, but many food wrapping paper itself is used The purchased waste paper is made of chemical fiber;

Waste food wrapping paper can be used to make fertilizer, and it will be converted into water, carbon dioxide and several types of inorganic compounds in the natural sun, body moisture and o2 within many months. Therefore, in today's world where people are very concerned about the earth and conditions that are indispensable to everyone, food paper is judged to be the most promising and promising "green environmental protection" compared with plastic, metal materials, and laminated glass three-paper bags. raw materials, and are deeply favored and favored by everyone.

1- Advantages of food packaging paper market

Paper has good ductility and toughness, which can give excellent protection to the materials to be turned; paper is not exposed to heat and light hazards, for example, for nutritional food and medicine, paper is a traditional packaging product, and it is very suitable for Want to get the sense of these goods; the opacity of the paper packaging is very effective for some unattractive goods like dark brown goods The excellent printability of food packaging paper gives it a unique good-looking appearance, is One of the highlights that attracts everyone's attention the most; likewise, the high quality and light weight of food packaging paper, the variety of varieties, and the minimization of shipping and transportation costs have become practical. All in all, paper packaging has market advantages.

2-water based ink manufacturers food packaging paper technical advantages

Paper product packaging products are suitable for the actual operation of mechanical automation. Due to the good mechanical processing and manufacturing performance of paper product packaging products, a good mechanical automation production and manufacturing standard can be given to automatic packaging machines: paper usually has small elasticity and will not be affected by climate heat and cold. Compared with most plastic products, it has stronger reliability. The opacity of the paper can give hidden protection, so that a certain commodity cannot be seen from the outside of the package. It is easy to produce, process and form, and there is no problem when laser cutting with a fully automatic packaging machine. In addition, a variety of different paper packaging, according to their different application requirements, can be given a complete range of packaging printing, from screen printing, gravure printing to flexo printing, etc.; paper packaging materials also have relatively Good breathability, flexibility, compressive strength and manipulable tearing properties; non-toxic and zero-polluting products; easy to open when applied.