The Ultimate Guide On Living in Dublin, Ireland

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The Ultimate Guide On Living in Dublin, Ireland

Posted By hebeadventure hebeadventure     February 28, 2022    


Dublin, Ireland, is a welcoming small city for a million people. It is the capital of Ireland, English-speaking, and a home for the various glorious parklands, cultural and historical presence, countless museums, and universities. The city of Dublin is famous for its well-known literary tradition, quaint landmarks, and partying nightlife. After all, Dublin is a very attractive and walkable city which is also light on the budget. Read on more to learn everything about Host Family Dublin.



Why select Ireland?

Ireland is a popular country that has a low rate of crime and a positive opportunity for a student who is looking to settle there as a Host Family In Ireland. The violent and gun violence crimes are almost non-existent making Ireland a safe and more peaceful place to live and settle down in comparison to other countries.


Further, the healthcare infrastructure in Dublin is one of the best and most famous ones. A person staying in Ireland is easily accessible and well-built. The person living in Ireland for at least 5 years or in the previous 9 years at the time of appeal for citizenship is considered as a resident and is permitted free or less costly medical treatment by the health service executive, the healthcare system in Ireland. Further, Ireland sustains dual citizenships. Along with this, one can easily live with a family in Dublin, having its citizenships or also being a citizen of the country.


Is Dublin costly to live in?

Dublin is certainly one of the most affordable cities in the world. Many exiles within the EU region have been thrown away from living in Dublin because of the costs. Normally, to live comfortably and well in Dublin, one may need to earn at least USD 5000 per month. Housing is specifically a costly and cheapest furnished apartment in the center starts at USD 2000. although, the cost of living in Dublin is around 12% meaner than in London.


What are the things to know about living in Dublin?

The things you need to know about while living in Dublin are-

  • Get a leg up on house hunting
  • Having a good night out is easy
  • Be prepared for a raised cost of living
  • Do not forget to have the visa
  • Begin to look for a job
  • Learn about the districts of Dublin
  • Enjoy the night work-life balance


Do people have any discrimination in Dublin?

In Dublin, Ireland people are not discriminated against in any traditional sense, but many people are there who are stereotyping which can be a little annoying. As the American tourists visit Ireland, Irish people fail to consider that all Americans are tourists.


What are the best things that you do in Dublin?

So many things are there which people may love to do in Dublin are as follows-

  • Visit the museums, as most museums in Dublin are free of cost and create great rainy day activities.
  • Took a hike in a nature reserve on the Irish sea
  • Grab a pint at a local pub
  • Go to the theatre or a gig at one of many venues spotting the city
  • Had a walk in Dublin – gorgeous and bountiful parks



Hopefully, the above article has made you clear everything about the city of Dublin, Ireland. Further, if you are also interested in knowing about the Guardianship Ireland, contact the hebe adventures for this. You may also visit our website for more information about the host families.