How Portable Aluminum Steps Can Be Customized

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How Portable Aluminum Steps Can Be Customized

Posted By Wang Ruier     Mar 1    


           There are many merchants who need large-scale customized services for portable aluminum steps. If we really want to choose a good manufacturer for customization, we must also pay special attention to the business ability of the other party. In fact, as long as the manufacturer's business capability can be confirmed, customization is still guaranteed. But after all, customization and purchase of stock are still different, so we should definitely confirm the customization requirements, so how should we put forward the customization requirements?

First of all, determine the situation of good size and style.

          The customization of folding beds still depends on the style. The style of customized processing is not necessary, and there will definitely be a big difference in price. And it is necessary to determine the size of the bed, because there are different types of folding beds with sizes ranging from 90CM-180CM. Such folding beds are more common, but our requirements for customized processing are different, so we must specify the size. Case. Be sure to communicate about size and style in advance, so that the merchant can also inform us about the specific customization fee, which will guarantee our follow-up cooperation.


Second, the confirmation of custom materials.

           The custom material of the 8ft folding pool table is different, and the price will definitely be greatly affected. Therefore, no matter what channel is used for customization, it is necessary to determine the situation of the material. Iron folding beds and stainless steel folding beds are more common now, and some businesses can provide solid wood folding beds. But the specific situation still depends on our needs, only in this way can we truly complete customized processing services. After determining the material and style of processing, you can actually know the quotation, and you can rest assured that subsequent customization will not be affected.