Jec Ignition Coil Engine Jitter

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Jec Ignition Coil Engine Jitter

Posted By jiacheng li     March 3, 2022    


When winter comes, the northerners supply heating, and they can have a pleasant winter without shaking. Then the southerners are not so lucky, and they basically rely on "shaking" to survive the winter. "Shake" when going to work, "shaking" when leaving get off work, "shaking" when eating, and "shaking" all the time, shaking out a whole body of righteousness to survive the cold winter. However, people can shake, but the car can't shake all day long. If the engine keeps shaking when we drive, it is not because the car is cold, but the jec ignition coil of the engine may have a problem.

The engine keeps shaking, what should I do? You can first look at the ignition coil on the side of the engine to see if there is a problem here. The method of intuitively judging the failure of the ignition coil can be observed by observing the appearance of the ignition coil. If there are abnormal substances overflowing, the insulating cover or the outer casing is broken, the high-voltage output end, the high-pressure nozzle, and there are signs of ablation, it means that there is a problem with the ignition coil, and it should be Replace in time.

The ignition coil is a very important and easily overlooked part of the car. It is a device that provides ignition energy. The ignition coil can turn the low-voltage electricity on the vehicle into a high voltage and work in the form of pulses. We can regard the ignition coil as a pulse transformer, which repeatedly stores and discharges energy at different frequencies according to different engine speeds. If the car wants to go, the engine has to work, and the power for the engine to work comes from the combustion of the mixture in the cylinder, and the energy to ignite the mixture is transmitted by the pencil ignition coil.