Inexpensive Alternatives to a Gym Membership

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Inexpensive Alternatives to a Gym Membership

Posted By Alester Brown     Mar 3    


These days, there are countless fitness crazes that can put a dent in your bank account. While it’s great to pay for things that benefit your health, you can get in shape without breaking your budget. Here are a few inexpensive alternatives to a gym membership.

Head to the Internet

Rather than pay top dollar to participate in an elite workout class, replace pricey fitness sessions with online workouts. YouTube offers many free exercise routines. You can also join an online fitness site that streams classes for an affordable monthly or yearly fee.

Purchase Used Gear

Instead of buying a gym membership, consider creating your own gym at home by purchasing used gear. Join community yard sale social media pages for affordable fitness equipment. Look for gear like yoga mats, hand weights and free weights. Your own mini home gym makes it easy for you to exercise on your timeline. Find the best mini home gym online by visiting this website.

Spend Time at the Park

When your area is experiencing nice weather, spend time at a local park. Many parks have running trails, tennis courts and even basketball hoops. Bring your yoga mat and perform a series of yoga moves. You’re sure to enjoy the experience of exercising outside.

Work in the Yard

Yard work is a great alternative to expensive gym memberships. To turn it into a workout, trim your grass using a push lawn mower, rake leaves and shape the bushes. Not only will your yard look amazing, but you’ll also keep dollars in your wallet.

Look for Discounts

If you must workout at the gym or prefer to do yoga in a studio, look for discounts. Internet sites like Groupon and LivingSocial offer amazing deals on gym memberships as well as for fitness classes. A number of gyms and fitness facilities offer deals to tempt you to their location.

Affordable Fitness Options

Inexpensive gym membership alternatives like online workouts, a mini home gym and exercising at the park will help you stay fit without forcing you to go into debt. You might also find it easier to work out since you can perform these alternatives on your schedule.

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