Importance of Surge Protection Device

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Importance of Surge Protection Device

Posted By Jacob Kevin     March 5, 2022    


A powerful earthing system is the key to protect from electronic jerk in a previously steady current is basically what is called a power surge which adversely affects the extremely sensitive micro components in today’s sophisticated miniature is what we need to deal with.

Why Do We Need to Incorporate Defense Against Surges?

When this unbearable current passes through any electronic circuit and reaches the outlet, it can be a cause of severe damages to our equipment in our households and workplaces. This is mainly due to power surges induced by lightning or switching can overload and short out anything or everything that is plugged into the wall.

You may have noticed that at times your devices start behaving abnormally, it is due to nothing but power surges which is a case of regular happening. We are well aware of the fact that the normal flow of electricity is from a high resistant path to low resistance path.

On That Account, How Do Surge Protection Devices Help?

By the name protection against current or voltage abnormalities, you might be aware of the typical circuit breakers and fuses installed at the power outlet. Unfortunately, plugging the fuse or circuit breaker are not capable of detecting such huge and sudden voltage spikes, instead the surges will pass through and blow off your expensive appliances or can cause devices to shut down.

Surge protection device is an excellent investment that can shield life and property from catastrophic effects due to rapid hike in nominal line voltage as they detect such swift surges and pave them down into the earth in turn protecting your resources. What you need to do is, simply plug your accessory into the surge absorbers which are critically important passive circuits that protect vulnerable devices by paving way for fault currents safely to the ground. There are some specific types of SPDs particularly for the two main creators of surges: Lightning strikes and Switching effects.

SPDs available for any range of voltage, choice of suitable surge absorber complying to mandatory standard is a prime concern you need to reflect on. Surge Protection Device mainly classified based on the applications is implanted in between the device and the main circuit board.

Unveiling the Major Categories of Surge Protection Devices:

  • Type B/Type 1: Our very own class B series of lightning strike protectors, acts in response to the prevalent cause of voltage transients- the extremely powerful one- is Lightning which is of the waveform 10/350µs. Class B SPD complying to IEC 61643-11 & UL 1449, is installed with the energy meter at the main service panel looks for minute voltage anomaly and halts its way into your home.
  • Type C/Type 2: Voltage deviation occurs even from within due to the ups and downs in electric potential due to turning ON and OFF of electrical appliances plenty of times a day. This repeated switching action can also be the root cause to Surges that could mysteriously bring your electronic gadgets to a halt. Fitting your power gadgets with this specific class C type of surge arrester can help in tackling internal voltage transients of 8/20µs.
  • Type B+C/type 3: For impeccable protection against Lightning as well as switching surges you should opt for this special class of surge protectors which is a combination of both Class B and Class C type SPD.

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