4 Incredible Advantages of Interlocking Rubber Mats In 2022

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4 Incredible Advantages of Interlocking Rubber Mats In 2022

Posted By Tara Gyrinil     March 14, 2022    


When it comes to selecting the best floor covering for your business, the choices might be overwhelming. It's crucial to understand how each type of rubber matting, carpet, and other floor covering works because there are so many. At NoTrax, we recognize that each mat serves a distinct purpose, from entrance matting to foodservice tiles.

We'll focus on our interlocking tile systems among the many types of rubber matting available – drainage, custom seamless, anti-fatigue.

Rubber Mats that Interlock for Any Situation

Workplaces and conditions are rarely similar across the board, and they might change dramatically over time. Interlocking rubber mats, such as DeFlex and the Cushion-Ease, are ideal for manufacturing and other industrial environments.

Aim for diversity with the creation of a new matting system. Drainage, traffic patterns, floor transitions, cleanliness, and user safety are important factors. The systems may be customized to fit around workstations and machinery, and they're easily changeable and extensible as your business grows.

Rubber mats that interlock aren't simply for industrial or manufacturing environments.

Modular floor systems are often used in professional kitchens and food processors. San-Eze and Ultraman are grease-resistant, easy-to-clean shoe lines that improve shoe grip in wet, greasy situations like restaurant kitchens, food processing, and professional food manufacturing facilities.

Advantages of Interlocking Mat Systems

You'll note the customization choices interlocking rubber mats provide as you look through your tile mat alternatives - there is no minimum or maximum space required to use the systems.

1. Installation is simple

Like the DeFlex, NoTrax interlocking mats have a global locking system with no male/female connectors. Planning is easier, installation is faster, and replacement is more efficient using the universal locking system.

2. Replacement is simple

Mats wear out over time, but not every part deteriorates equally. You may notice that the areas where a user walks back and forth completing a task tend to wear out more quickly than others. As pieces of your interlocking mat wear out, you can replace them with new tiles.

3. Reduced Slips and Trips

The modular design improves grip and reduces trip hazards, resulting in greater safety. The interlocking tiles are also constructed of non-slip rubber and have beveled ramps to aid provide a smoother transition from the floor to the mat.

4. Options for Customization

In both industrial and commercial settings, transitional workspaces are frequent. You can utilize several types of mats – anti-slip, anti-fatigue, drainage – to create a uniform mat system that works best for your operation using NoTrax modular tiles.


The first step in picking your ideal floor covering is to understand how interlocking rubber mats function. You can now start thinking about which floors will best serve you, your staff, and your business goals in the years ahead.