Advantages of LED screens for advertising use
    • Last updated March 17, 2022
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Advantages of LED screens for advertising use

Posted By Maria Rieke     March 17, 2022    


Although traditional advertising signage is still relevant, digital signage is making its way by leaps and bounds. In addition to being dynamic and much more striking, it modernizes the message and manages to capture the attention of passers-by. In fact, experts expect the digital market out of home (DOOH) to grow more than 10% annually until 2021. A figure that responds, in part, to the diversity and quality of existing media, but also to the many advantages of  LED screens for advertising use.

Do you know how this outdoor advertising support can help you? If so, we tell you why LED screens , whether indoors or outdoors, can be your best ally.

Reminder: what is an LED display?

Before analyzing the advantages of LED screens for advertising use, it does not hurt to refresh some concepts about this technology. For starters, it should be remembered that an LED screen is a monitor that uses light-emitting diodes ( LEDs ), achieving a very powerful light intensity. Where conventional LCD displays use light tubes, the LED display employs small diodes.

The lights stand out for the great energy savings they provide compared to conventional television monitors, the resistance to constant on and off and their longer useful life. Until a few years ago, the counterpart was the high cost of the first models that were marketed, although the price of LED screens has been considerably cheaper since the 2010s . This has undoubtedly been one of the great milestones in the history of light advertising .

Diodes operate using direct current electrical power, so they include internal circuits to operate from standard AC voltage. Despite the fact that LEDs are a priori sensitive to high temperatures, LED displays are very resistant to heat , since they incorporate heat sinks.

Structure of LED displays

Regarding color, LED screens have more than three primary colors , called MultiPrimary, such as the combination of red, green, blue, and yellow (RGBY); red, green, blue and white (RGBW) or red, green, blue, yellow and cyan (RGBYC). These pixel components, known subpixels , play a fundamental role. Thanks to the more or less intense lighting of these, the screen reproduces the various color variations necessary for the emission of the image.

On the other hand, LED screens can have two types of support, classified according to the LED implantation method.

  • Screens liquid crystal, called Edge , whose diodes are around the screen. This contributes to improving the quality of the backlight and therefore the quality of the image.
  • Full LED screens, whose diodes are on the entire surface of the screen. In this case, the diodes are not necessarily white. They can also be red, green, or even blue. This method allows for optimal color reproduction.

With that said, let's move on to listing the advantages of LED displays for advertising use.

LED screens: lower consumption, higher performance and impact

By replacing the light tubes of conventional LCD displays with diodes, LED display manufacturers have reduced the thickness of the displays and improved their performance . Two circumstances that make LED campaigns perfect for advertising broadcasts. On the other hand, indoor LED displays fit easily on a sideboard or anywhere inside a store. For outdoor advertising, giant LED displays allow you to create eye-catching installations, without compromising image quality and with moderate and efficient power consumption.

However, for a better impact, it is necessary to ensure that LED displays adapt to your usage environment. Thus, the outdoor screens will need to be resistant to rain and atmospheric and environmental agents - thermal variations, presence of dust, pollution, etc. - and, depending on their location, have some type of vandal protection.

Another advantage of LED displays for advertising use is their long useful life, since they can remain lit for long periods . Generally, the operating time extends from the opening to the closing of a point of sale, although they can issue continuously 24 hours a day (depending on the regulations of each municipality, some may even exceed these opening hours). Here is one of the great benefits of LED: extraordinary durability and without diminishing the quality of the images.

In addition to being resistant to temperature changes, as we have seen, LED screens produce more light for less electricity consumed . This makes it a cheaper and greener solution compared to other types of displays. On average, it is estimated that these advertising screens can be used for approximately 100,000 hours .

Also, the use of diodes instead of light tubes offers greater freedom to choose the size of the screens . Thanks to the full LED and, later, to the OLED technology, the screens can increase their format, without losing quality or definition. Of course, it should be remembered that the presence of moving images attracts the attention of passers-by more than traditional signage, being also less practical in terms of production, placement and replacement of advertisements (which only allow a single message).

Added to all this is the possibility of issuing third-party advertising . This will provide income that will help amortize the initial cost of the display and the return on investment (ROI).

Finally, in the case of P1.2 Led Screen Supplier, it should be noted that we offer self- mountable screens , which represents significant savings in transport and assembly. Anyone, with the help of someone else, can assemble the screen easily and quickly, without prior technical knowledge. On the other hand, the rental of LED screens provides an economical and effective solution for those who only need to use LED screens in a timely manner (for example, to organize a concert or other outdoor show).

At Led Display, we have been experts in advertising LED screens since 2003 and have a presence in more than 30 countries. If you want to know more about the advantages of LED screens, call us now.

LED screens for medical centers

We are not yet far from the field of health, since this sector is also ideal to get the most out of LED screens.

For clinics, these solutions can improve the user experience in waiting rooms. In addition to contributing to the greater well-being and comfort of patients and their companions, a screen will make it possible to publicize services or disseminate informative or interesting information (for example, tips to prevent certain diseases, healthy habits, etc.). Discover here some uses of LED screens for hospitals.

As for veterinary clinics, the installation of an LED screen in the waiting room will allow clients to be informed of good practices regarding their pets. In addition, you can include videos with tips on how to act in the event that your pets have a problem, or about products (food, toys, etc.) for sale at the veterinary center. Market studies in several countries have shown the impact of this type of installation and its profitability.

LED screens for hairdressers and beauty centers

Forget about the posters and posters of a lifetime. Thanks to the indoor LED screens, you can easily display the beauty and beauty treatments offered, as well as the current promotions. It will also help transmit an image of modernity, an aspect that cannot be waived in the case of businesses focused on aesthetics and image. You want to know more? In that case, take a look at the uses of LED displays for hairdressers and beauty salons.

On the other hand, indoor LED screens are also an excellent ally for car parks, driving schools, restaurants, nightclubs ... No matter what type of establishment it is: at Led Display, we always offer the most advanced products. In addition, we provide a video content management system that anyone without prior knowledge will be able to handle quickly and easily.

We also offer courses on the management of this software, so that anyone can generate their own content with professional results, easily and quickly