Social media networks are becoming increasingly popular

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Social media networks are becoming increasingly popular

Posted By staycloze Cloze     Mar 21    


You decide to go on your usual social media trip and end up looking through a whole lot of information, information that comes from several sources and might or might not be relevant to you. But it's alright because anything on social media can pass on as acceptable as long as it's entertaining enough. That's the primary purpose of social media, after all, right? 

But social media has become so much more in these past couple of years. Social networking has become quite a popular mode of communication between friends as well as the members of a family.  It gives a broader platform to share one another's interests at a quick and easy pace. You can share texts, images, videos, website links that you find interesting online or simply share your personal memories. 

As said before, content is abundantly distributed over the internet. You find too much content coming from many sources, which often can be overwhelming if not organized properly. 

But who has time and effort to spare for that? 

This is one of the major reasons your friends keep accusing you of ghosting them on social media or not paying attention to their friendship simply because you didn't respond to their posts. You might have not the intention to ignore your friends and family's posts and, in actuality, didn't see their updates at all! 

Potential reasons that strike me are: 

Your Social Media Apps In India feed is too messy and unorganized 

Your friends and family members are not aware of the social media channels that you often use 

All of you use a generalized social media platform that keeps your timelines flooded with unwanted data 

You didn’t see their posts because they got hidden by other posts 

You didn’t want to see their updates! 

It is possible to get distracted with lots of unwanted data and fall behind to catch up with important updates from your friends and family if you don’t organize them well.   

What to do? 

What you need is a convenient Indian Social Media Apps application that guides your interactions with your friends and family over a shared platform of common interests. 

Get to know StayCloze and start building strong relationships: 

StayCloze is a social networking mobile App that provides an optimized social networking experience with various unique features. It helps you organize your data as customizable timelines that give you the latest updates in quick time. 

StayCloze enables you to see streamlined and properly organized data that you are interested to see. Orderly data management also saves your time from getting wasted over unwanted content. 

StayCloze is enabled with many unique features that allow you to stay connected to your friends and family members: 

Family Tree: 

Start by creating your Family Tree with all of your family members listed in it. The family Tree feature of StayCloze enables you to develop strong bonds with your extended families. 

New Timelines: 

Experience newly designed timelines that keep your data organized and up to your interest. This will prevent you from being distracted with unwanted content and instead stay updated with important updates from your friends and family. You will be able to check posts from your friends and family in a quick time. 

Secured Personal Activity 

StayCloze allows you to hide your private conversations from others and help you to interact correspondingly with different members of different groups. Stay close provides the best privacy control while sharing daily stories and posts with your friends and family. 

In Conclusion 

If you feel like you're leaving your family behind while consistently trying to keep up with social media trends, join your family on social media! Get StayCloze to stay connected to your kins without any shortcomings! 

StayCloze is available on Applestore and PlayStore to download. Get StayClze today and find new friends nearby with whom you share your interests. Create and join events, pages, and groups and stay connected to your folks!